24. Benefits and Perks for FreeBSD Committers

24.1. Recognition

Recognition as a competent software engineer is the longest lasting value. In addition, getting a chance to work with some of the best people that every engineer would dream of meeting is a great perk!

24.2. FreeBSD Mall

FreeBSD committers can get a free 4-CD or DVD set at conferences from FreeBSD Mall, Inc..

24.3. IRC

In addition, developers may request a cloaked hostmask for their account on the Freenode IRC network in the form of freebsd/developer/freefall name or freebsd/developer/NickServ name. To request a cloak, send an email to with your requested hostmask and NickServ account name.

24.4. Gandi.net

Gandi provides website hosting, cloud computing, domain registration, and X.509 certificate services.

Gandi offers an E-rate discount to all FreeBSD developers. Send mail to using your @freebsd.org mail address, and indicate your Gandi handle.

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