7. Pre-Commit Review

Code review is one way to increase the quality of software. The following guidelines apply to commits to the head (-CURRENT) branch of the src repository. Other branches and the ports and docs trees have their own review policies, but these guidelines generally apply to commits requiring review:

Sometimes code reviews will take longer than you would hope for, especially for larger features. Accepted ways to speed up review times for your patches are:

Developers should participate in code reviews as both reviewers and reviewees. If someone is kind enough to review your code, you should return the favor for someone else. Note that while anyone is welcome to review and give feedback on a patch, only an appropriate subject-matter expert can approve a change. This will usually be a committer who works with the code in question on a regular basis.

In some cases, no subject-matter expert may be available. In those cases, a review by an experienced developer is sufficient when coupled with appropriate testing.

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