10. Keeping Track of Licenses Granted to the FreeBSD Project

Various software or data exist in the repositories where the FreeBSD project has been granted a special licence to be able to use them. A case in point are the Terminus fonts for use with vt(4). Here the author Dimitar Zhekov has allowed us to use the "Terminus BSD Console" font under a 2-clause BSD license rather than the regular Open Font License he normally uses.

It is clearly sensible to keep a record of any such license grants. To that end, the Core Team has decided to keep an archive of them. Whenever the FreeBSD project is granted a special license we require the Core Team to be notified. Any developers involved in arranging such a license grant, please send details to the Core Team including:

Once the Core Team is satisfied that all the necessary details have been gathered and are correct, the secretary will send a PGP-signed acknowledgement of receipt including the license details. This receipt will be persistently archived and serve as our permanent record of the license grant.

The license archive should contain only details of license grants; this is not the place for any discussions around licensing or other subjects. Access to data within the license archive will be available on request to the Core Team .

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