5. Official Mirrors

Official mirrors are mirrors that

So far to distinguish official mirrors. Official mirrors are not necessarily Tier-1-mirrors. However you probably will not find a Tier-1-mirror, that is not also official.

5.1. Special Requirements for Official (tier-1) Mirrors

It is not so easy to state requirements for all official mirrors, since the project is sort of tolerant here. It is more easy to say, what official tier-1 mirrors are required to. All other official mirrors can consider this a big should.

Tier-1 mirrors are required to:

  • carry the complete fileset

  • allow access to other mirror sites

  • provide FTP and rsync access

Furthermore, admins should be subscribed to the FreeBSD mirror sites mailing lists. See this link for details, how to subscribe.


It is very important for a hub administrator, especially Tier-1 hub admins, to check the release schedule for the next FreeBSD release. This is important because it will tell you when the next release is scheduled to come out, and thus giving you time to prepare for the big spike of traffic which follows it.

It is also important that hub administrators try to keep their mirrors as up-to-date as possible (again, even more crucial for Tier-1 mirrors). If Mirror1 does not update for a while, lower tier mirrors will begin to mirror old data from Mirror1 and thus begins a downward spiral... Keep your mirrors up to date!

5.2. How to Become Official Then?

We are not accepting any new mirrors at this time.

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