5. ZFS

If your system survived the reboot, it should now be possible to log in. Welcome to the fresh FreeBSD installation, performed remotely without the use of a remote console!

The only remaining step is to configure zpool(8) and create some zfs(8) file systems. Creating and administering ZFS is very straightforward. First, create a mirrored pool:

# zpool create tank mirror /dev/ad[01]s1f

Next, create some file systems:

# zfs create tank/ports
# zfs create tank/src
# zfs set compression=gzip tank/ports
# zfs set compression=on tank/src
# zfs set mountpoint=/usr/ports tank/ports
# zfs set mountpoint=/usr/src tank/src

That is all. If you are interested in more details about ZFS on FreeBSD, please refer to the ZFS section of the FreeBSD Wiki.

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