Chapter 10. ISA Device Drivers

Written by Sergey Babkin.
Modifications for Handbook made by Murray Stokely, Valentino Vaschetto and Wylie Stilwell.
Table of Contents
10.1. Synopsis
10.2. Basic Information
10.3. device_t Pointer
10.4. Configuration File and the Order of Identifying and Probing During Auto-Configuration
10.5. Resources
10.6. Bus Memory Mapping
10.7. DMA
10.8. xxx_isa_probe
10.9. xxx_isa_attach
10.10. xxx_isa_detach
10.11. xxx_isa_shutdown
10.12. xxx_intr

10.1. Synopsis

This chapter introduces the issues relevant to writing a driver for an ISA device. The pseudo-code presented here is rather detailed and reminiscent of the real code but is still only pseudo-code. It avoids the details irrelevant to the subject of the discussion. The real-life examples can be found in the source code of real drivers. In particular the drivers ep and aha are good sources of information.

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