12.4. Asynchronous Events

If an asynchronous event callback has been set up then the callback function should be defined.

static void
ahc_async(void *callback_arg, u_int32_t code, struct cam_path *path, void *arg)

Implementation for a single type of event, AC_LOST_DEVICE, looks like:

    struct xxx_softc *softc;
    struct cam_sim *sim;
    int targ;
    struct ccb_trans_settings neg;

    sim = (struct cam_sim *)callback_arg;
    softc = (struct xxx_softc *)cam_sim_softc(sim);
    switch (code) {
    case AC_LOST_DEVICE:
        targ = xpt_path_target_id(path);
        if(targ <= OUR_MAX_SUPPORTED_TARGET) {
            clean_negotiations(softc, targ);
            /* send indication to CAM */
            neg.bus_width = 8;
            neg.sync_period = neg.sync_offset = 0;
            neg.valid = (CCB_TRANS_BUS_WIDTH_VALID
            xpt_async(AC_TRANSFER_NEG, path, &neg);

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