Chapter 5. The SYSINIT Framework

Table of Contents
5.1. Terminology
5.2. SYSINIT Operation
5.3. Using SYSINIT

SYSINIT is the framework for a generic call sort and dispatch mechanism. FreeBSD currently uses it for the dynamic initialization of the kernel. SYSINIT allows FreeBSD's kernel subsystems to be reordered, and added, removed, and replaced at kernel link time when the kernel or one of its modules is loaded without having to edit a statically ordered initialization routing and recompile the kernel. This system also allows kernel modules, currently called KLD's, to be separately compiled, linked, and initialized at boot time and loaded even later while the system is already running. This is accomplished using the kernel linker and linker sets.

5.1. Terminology

Linker Set

A linker technique in which the linker gathers statically declared data throughout a program's source files into a single contiguously addressable unit of data.

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