6.7. Reacting to misbehavior

[FreeBSD, 2001] has a number of rules that committers should follow. However, it happens that these rules are broken. The following rules exist in order to be able to react to misbehavior. They specify what actions will result in how long a suspension of the committer's commit privileges.

[Lehey, 2002]

For the suspensions to be efficient, any single core member can implement a suspension before discussing it on the core mailing list. Repeat offenders can, with a 2/3 vote by core, receive harsher penalties, including permanent removal of commit privileges. (However, the latter is always viewed as a last resort, due to its inherent tendency to create controversy.) All suspensions are posted to the developers mailing list, a list available to committers only.

It is important that you cannot be suspended for making technical errors. All penalties come from breaking social etiquette.

Hats involved in this process:

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