Appendix A. Examples

Table of Contents
A.1. DocBook book
A.2. DocBook article

These examples are not exhaustive—they do not contain all the elements that might be desirable to use, particularly in a document's front matter. For more examples of DocBook markup, examine the XML source for this and other documents available in the Subversion doc repository, or available online starting at

A.1. DocBook book

Example A.1. DocBook book
<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//FreeBSD//DTD DocBook XML V5.0-Based Extension//EN"

<book xmlns=""
  xmlns:xlink="" version="5.0"

    <title>An Example Book</title>

        <firstname>Your first name</firstname>
        <surname>Your surname</surname>


      <holder>Copyright string here</holder>

      <para>If your book has an abstract then it should go here.</para>


    <para>Your book may have a preface, in which case it should be placed

    <title>My First Chapter</title>

    <para>This is the first chapter in my book.</para>

      <title>My First Section</title>

      <para>This is the first section in my book.</para>

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