13.5. Testing

Testing a new manual page can be challenging. Fortunately there are some tools that can assist in the task. Some of them, like man(1), do not look in the current directory. It is a good idea to prefix the filename with ./ if the new manual page is in the current directory. An absolute path can also be used.

Use mandoc(1)'s linter to check for parsing errors:

% mandoc -T lint ./mynewmanpage.8

Use textproc/igor to proofread the manual page:

% igor ./mynewmanpage.8

Use man(1) to check the final result of your changes:

% man ./mynewmanpage.8

You can use col(1) to filter the output of man(1) and get rid of the backspace characters before loading the result in your favorite editor for spell checking:

% man ./mynewmanpage.8 | col -b | vim -R -

Spell-checking with fully-featured dictionaries is encouraged, and can be accomplished by using textproc/hunspell or textproc/aspell combined with textproc/en-hunspell or textproc/en-aspell, respectively. For instance:

% aspell check --lang=en --mode=nroff ./mynewmanpage.8

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