12.6. Building a Translated Document

A translated version of the original document can be created at any time. Any untranslated portions of the original will be included in English in the resulting document. Most PO editors have an indicator that shows how much of the translation has been completed. This makes it easy for the translator to see when enough strings have been translated to make building the final document worthwhile.

Example 12.5. Building the Spanish Porter's Handbook

Build and preview the Spanish version of the Porter's Handbook that was created in an earlier example.

  1. Build the translated document. As the original is a book, the generated document is book.xml.

    % cd ~/doc/es_ES.ISO8859-1/books/porters-handbook
    % make tran
  2. Render the translated book.xml to HTML and view it with Firefox. This is the same procedure used with the English version of the documents, and other FORMATS can be used here in the same way. See Table 5.1, “Common Output Formats”.

    % make FORMATS=html
    % firefox book.html

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