12.5. Tips for Translators

12.5.1. Preserving XML Tags

Preserve XML tags that are shown in the English original.

Example 12.4. Preserving XML Tags

English original:

If <acronym>NTP</acronym> is not being used

Spanish translation:

Si <acronym>NTP</acronym> no se utiliza

12.5.2. Preserving Spaces

Preserve existing spaces at the beginning and end of strings to be translated. The translated version must have these spaces also.

12.5.3. Verbatim Tags

The contents of some tags should be copied verbatim, not translated:

  • <citerefentry>

  • <command>

  • <filename>

  • <literal>

  • <manvolnum>

  • <orgname>

  • <package>

  • <programlisting>

  • <prompt>

  • <refentrytitle>

  • <screen>

  • <userinput>

  • <varname>

12.5.4. $FreeBSD$ Strings

The $FreeBSD$ version strings used in files require special handling. In examples like Example 12.1, “Creating a Spanish Translation of the Porter's Handbook”, these strings are not meant to be expanded. The English documents use &dollar; entities to avoid including actual literal dollar signs in the file:


The &dollar; entities are not seen as dollar signs by the version control system and so the string is not expanded into a version string.

When a PO file is created, the &dollar; entities used in examples are replaced with actual dollar signs. The resulting literal $FreeBSD$ string will be wrongly expanded by the version control system when the file is committed.

The same technique as used in the English documents can be used in the translation. The &dollar; is used to replace the dollar sign in the translation entered into the PO editor:


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