4.2. The lang.encoding/ Directories

These directories contain the documents themselves. The documentation is split into up to three more categories at this level, indicated by the different directory names.

articlesDocumentation marked up as a DocBook article (or equivalent). Reasonably short, and broken up into sections. Normally only available as one XHTML file.
booksDocumentation marked up as a DocBook book (or equivalent). Book length, and broken up into chapters. Normally available as both one large XHTML file (for people with fast connections, or who want to print it easily from a browser) and as a collection of linked, smaller files.
manFor translations of the system manual pages. This directory will contain one or more manN directories, corresponding to the sections that have been translated.

Not every lang.encoding directory will have all of these subdirectories. It depends on how much translation has been accomplished by that translation team.

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