Chapter 6. The Website

Table of Contents
6.1. Environment Variables
6.2. Building and Installing the Web Pages

The FreeBSD web site is part of the FreeBSD documents. Files for the web site are stored in the en_US.ISO8859-1/htdocs subdirectory of the document tree directory, ~/doc in this example.

6.1. Environment Variables

Several environment variables control which parts of the web site are built or installed, and to which directories.


The web build system uses make(1), and considers variables to be set when they have been defined, even if they are empty. The examples here show the recommended ways of defining and using these variables. Setting or defining these variables with other values or methods might lead to unexpected surprises.


DOCDIR specifies the path where the web site files are to be installed.

This variable is best set with env(1) or the user shell's method of setting environment variables, setenv for csh(1) or export for sh(1).


Default: undefined. Build and include all translations.

ENGLISH_ONLY=yes: use only the English documents and ignore all translations.


Default: undefined. Build both the web site and all the books and articles.

WEB_ONLY=yes: build or install only HTML pages from the en_US.ISO8859-1/htdocs directory. Other directories and documents, including books and articles, will be ignored.


Default: undefined. Build and include all the available languages on the web site.

Set to a space-separated list of languages to be included in the build or install. The formats are the same as the directory names in the document root directory. For example, to include the German and French documents:

WEB_LANG="de_DE.ISO8859-1 fr_FR.ISO8859-1"

WEB_ONLY, WEB_LANG, and ENGLISH_ONLY are make(1) variables and can be set in /etc/make.conf,, as environment variables on the command line, or in dot files.

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