Appendix C. Resources on the Internet

Table of Contents
C.1. Websites
C.2. Mailing Lists
C.3. Usenet Newsgroups
C.4. Official Mirrors

The rapid pace of FreeBSD progress makes print media impractical as a means of following the latest developments. Electronic resources are the best, if not often the only, way to stay informed of the latest advances. Since FreeBSD is a volunteer effort, the user community itself also generally serves as a technical support department of sorts, with electronic mail, web forums, and USENET news being the most effective way of reaching that community.

The most important points of contact with the FreeBSD user community are outlined below. Please send other resources not mentioned here to the FreeBSD documentation project mailing list so that they may also be included.

C.1. Websites

  • The FreeBSD Forums provide a web based discussion forum for FreeBSD questions and technical discussion.

  • The BSDConferences YouTube Channel provides a collection of high quality videos from BSD conferences around the world. This is a great way to watch key developers give presentations about new work in FreeBSD.

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