Chapter 27. Serial Communications

Table of Contents
27.1. Synopsis
27.2. Serial Terminology and Hardware
27.3. Terminals
27.4. Dial-in Service
27.5. Dial-out Service
27.6. Setting Up the Serial Console

27.1. Synopsis

UNIX® has always had support for serial communications as the very first UNIX® machines relied on serial lines for user input and output. Things have changed a lot from the days when the average terminal consisted of a 10-character-per-second serial printer and a keyboard. This chapter covers some of the ways serial communications can be used on FreeBSD.

After reading this chapter, you will know:

  • How to connect terminals to a FreeBSD system.

  • How to use a modem to dial out to remote hosts.

  • How to allow remote users to login to a FreeBSD system with a modem.

  • How to boot a FreeBSD system from a serial console.

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