7.2. Using FLAVORS

To declare a port having multiple flavors, add FLAVORS to its Makefile. The first flavor in FLAVORS is the default flavor.


It can help simplify the logic of the Makefile to also define FLAVOR as:



To distinguish flavors from options, which are always uppercase letters, flavor names can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, and the underscore _.

Example 7.1. Basic Flavors Usage

If a port has a lite slave port, the slave port can be removed, and the port can be converted to flavors with:

FLAVORS=	default lite
.if ${FLAVOR:U} != lite
[enable non lite features]


The first flavor is the default one, and is called, here, default. It is not an obligation, and if possible, use a more specific flavor name, like in Example 7.2, “Another Basic Flavors Usage”.

Example 7.2. Another Basic Flavors Usage

If a port has a -nox11 slave port, the slave port can be removed, and the port can be converted to flavors with:

FLAVORS=	x11 nox11
nox11_PKGNAMESUFFIX=	-nox11
.if ${FLAVOR} == x11
[enable x11 features]

Example 7.3. More Complex Flavors Usage

Here is a slightly edited excerpt of what is present in devel/libpeas, a port that uses the Python flavors. With the default Python 2 and 3 versions being 2.7 and 3.6, it will automatically get FLAVORS=py27 py36

USES=		gnome python
USE_PYTHON=	flavors 1

.if ${FLAVOR:Upy27:Mpy2*} 2
USE_GNOME=	pygobject3 3

CONFIGURE_ARGS+=	--enable-python2 --disable-python3

BUILD_WRKSRC=	${WRKSRC}/loaders/python 4
INSTALL_WRKSRC=	${WRKSRC}/loaders/python 5
.else # py3*
USE_GNOME+=	py3gobject3 6

CONFIGURE_ARGS+=	--disable-python2 --enable-python3 \
			ac_cv_path_PYTHON3_CONFIG=${LOCALBASE}/bin/python${PYTHON_VER}-config 7

BUILD_WRKSRC=	${WRKSRC}/loaders/python3 8
INSTALL_WRKSRC=	${WRKSRC}/loaders/python3 9

py34_PLIST=	${.CURDIR}/pkg-plist-py3 10
py35_PLIST=	${.CURDIR}/pkg-plist-py3 11
py36_PLIST=	${.CURDIR}/pkg-plist-py3 12


This port does not use USE_PYTHON=distutils but needs Python flavors anyway.


To guard against FLAVOR being empty, which would cause a make(1) error, use ${FLAVOR:U} in string comparisons instead of ${FLAVOR}.

3 6

The Gnome Python gobject3 bindings have two different names, one for Python 2, pygobject3 and one for Python 3, py3gobject3.

4 5 8 9

The configure script has to run in ${WRKSRC}, but we are only interested in building and installing the Python 2 or Python 3 parts of the software, so set the build and install base directories appropriately.


Hint about the correct Python 3 config script path name.

10 11 12

The packing list is different when the built with Python 3. As there are three possible Python 3 versions, set PLIST for all three using the helper.

7.2.1. Flavors Helpers

To make the Makefile easier to write, a few flavors helpers exist.

This list of helpers will set their variable:



  • flavor_PLIST

  • flavor_DESCR

This list of helpers will append to their variable:

  • flavor_CONFLICTS



  • flavor_PKG_DEPENDS


  • flavor_PATCH_DEPENDS

  • flavor_FETCH_DEPENDS

  • flavor_BUILD_DEPENDS

  • flavor_LIB_DEPENDS

  • flavor_RUN_DEPENDS

  • flavor_TEST_DEPENDS

Example 7.4. Flavor Specific PKGNAME

As all packages must have a different package name, flavors must change theirs, using flavor_PKGNAMEPREFIX and flavor_PKGNAMESUFFIX makes this easy:

FLAVORS=	normal lite

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