17.8. cabal


Ports should not be created for Haskell libraries, see Section 6.30, “Haskell Libraries” for more information.

Possible arguments: (none), hpack

Sets default values and targets used to build Haskell software using Cabal. A build dependency on the Haskell compiler port (GHC) is added. If hpack argument is given, a build dependency on devel/hs-hpack is added and hpack is invoked at configuration step to generate .cabal file.

The framework provides the following variables:


If the software uses Haskell dependencies, list them in this variable. Each item should be present on Hackage and be listed in form packagename-0.1.2. Dependencies can have revisions, which are specified after the _ symbol. Automatic generation of dependency list is supported, see Section 6.5.9, “Building Haskell Applications with cabal.


List of flags to be passed to cabal-install during the configuring and building stage. The flags are passed verbatim.


List of executable files installed by the port. Default value: ${PORTNAME}. Items from this list are automatically added to pkg-plist.


If defined, do not add items from ${EXECUTABLES} to pkg-plist.


Adds items to ${USE_CABAL} depending on opt option.


Adds items to ${EXECUTABLES} depending on opt option.


If opt is enabled, append the value to ${CABAL_FLAGS}. Otherwise, append -value to disable the flag.


For an executable named FOO list Haskell packages, whose data files should be accessible by the executable.

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