17.12. compiler

Possible arguments: (none), env (default, implicit), c++17-lang, c++14-lang, c++11-lang, gcc-c++11-lib, c++11-lib, c++0x, c11, openmp, nestedfct, features

Determines which compiler to use based on any given wishes. Use c++17-lang if the port needs a C++17-capable compiler, c++14-lang if the port needs a C++14-capable compiler, c++11-lang if the port needs a C++11-capable compiler, gcc-c++11-lib if the port needs the g++ compiler with a C++11 library, or c++11-lib if the port needs a C++11-ready standard library. If the port needs a compiler understanding C++0X, C11, OpenMP, or nested functions, the corresponding parameters should be used.

Use features to request a list of features supported by the default compiler. After including bsd.port.pre.mk the port can inspect the results using these variables:

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