6.14. Using LXQt

Applications depending on LXQt should set USES+= lxqt and set USE_LXQT to the list of required components from the table below

Table 6.19. Available LXQt Components
buildtoolsHelpers for additional CMake modules
libfmqtLibfm Qt bindings
lxqtLXQt core library
qtxdgQt implementation of freedesktop.org XDG specifications

Example 6.22. USE_LXQT Example

This is a simple example, USE_LXQT adds a dependency on LXQt libraries. Required LXQt components and other dependencies can be determined from the configure log.

USES=	cmake lxqt qt:5 tar:xz
USE_QT=		core dbus widgets buildtools_build qmake_build
USE_LXQT=	buildtools libfmqt

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