6.19. Using Ruby

Table 6.28. Useful Variables for Ports That Use Ruby
USE_RUBYAdds build and run dependencies on Ruby.
USE_RUBY_EXTCONFThe port uses extconf.rb to configure.
USE_RUBY_SETUPThe port uses setup.rb to configure.
RUBY_SETUPOverride the name of the setup script from setup.rb. Another common value is install.rb.

This table shows the selected variables available to port authors via the ports infrastructure. These variables are used to install files into their proper locations. Use them in pkg-plist as much as possible. Do not redefine these variables in the port.

Table 6.29. Selected Read-Only Variables for Ports That Use Ruby
VariableDescriptionExample value
RUBY_PKGNAMEPREFIXUsed as a PKGNAMEPREFIX to distinguish packages for different Ruby versions.ruby19-
RUBY_VERSIONFull version of Ruby in the form of x.y.z[.p].
RUBY_SITELIBDIRArchitecture independent libraries installation path./usr/local/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.9
RUBY_SITEARCHLIBDIRArchitecture dependent libraries installation path./usr/local/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.9/amd64-freebsd10
RUBY_MODDOCDIRModule documentation installation path./usr/local/share/doc/ruby19/patsy
RUBY_MODEXAMPLESDIRModule examples installation path./usr/local/share/examples/ruby19/patsy

A complete list of available variables can be found in /usr/ports/Mk/bsd.ruby.mk.

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