6.18. Using Tcl/Tk

The Ports Collection supports parallel installation of multiple Tcl/Tk versions. Ports should try to support at least the default Tcl/Tk version and higher with USES=tcl. It is possible to specify the desired version of tcl by appending :xx, for example, USES=tcl:85.

Table 6.27. The Most Useful Read-Only Variables for Ports That Use Tcl/Tk
TCL_VER chosen major.minor version of Tcl
TCLSH full path of the Tcl interpreter
TCL_LIBDIR path of the Tcl libraries
TCL_INCLUDEDIR path of the Tcl C header files
TK_VER chosen major.minor version of Tk
WISH full path of the Tk interpreter
TK_LIBDIR path of the Tk libraries
TK_INCLUDEDIR path of the Tk C header files

See the USES=tcl and USES=tk of Chapter 17, Using USES Macros for a full description of those variables. A complete list of those variables is available in /usr/ports/Mk/Uses/tcl.mk.

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