18.4. FreeBSD 10 Versions

Table 18.4. FreeBSD 10 __FreeBSD_version Values
1000000225757September 26, 201110.0-CURRENT.
1000001227070November 4, 201110-CURRENT after addition of the posix_fadvise(2) system call.
1000002228444December 12, 201110-CURRENT after defining boolean true/false in sys/types.h, sizeof(bool) may have changed (rev 228444). 10-CURRENT after xlocale.h was introduced (rev 227753).
1000003228571December 16, 201110-CURRENT after major changes to carp(4), changing size of struct in_aliasreq, struct in6_aliasreq (rev 228571) and straitening arguments check of SIOCAIFADDR (rev 228574).
1000004229204January 1, 201210-CURRENT after the removal of skpc() and the addition of memcchr(9) (rev 229200).
1000005230207January 16, 201210-CURRENT after the removal of support for SIOCSIFADDR, SIOCSIFNETMASK, SIOCSIFBRDADDR, SIOCSIFDSTADDR ioctls.
1000006230590January 26, 201210-CURRENT after introduction of read capacity data asynchronous notification in the cam(4) layer.
1000007231025February 5, 201210-CURRENT after introduction of new tcp(4) socket options: TCP_KEEPINIT, TCP_KEEPIDLE, TCP_KEEPINTVL, and TCP_KEEPCNT.
1000008231505February 11, 201210-CURRENT after introduction of the new extensible sysctl(3) interface NET_RT_IFLISTL to query address lists.
1000009232154February 25, 201210-CURRENT after import of libarchive 3.0.3 (rev 232153).
1000010233757March 31, 201210-CURRENT after xlocale cleanup.
1000011234355April 16, 201210-CURRENT import of LLVM/Clang 3.1 trunk 154661 (rev 234353).
1000012234924May 2, 201210-CURRENT jemalloc import.
1000013235788May 22, 201210-CURRENT after byacc import.
1000014237631June 27, 201210-CURRENT after BSD sort becoming the default sort (rev 237629).
1000015238405July 12, 201210-CURRENT after import of OpenSSL 1.0.1c.
(not changed)238429July 13, 201210-CURRENT after the fix for LLVM/Clang 3.1 regression.
1000016239179August 8, 201210-CURRENT after KBI change in ucom(4).
1000017239214August 8, 201210-CURRENT after adding streams feature to the USB stack.
1000018240233September 8, 201210-CURRENT after major rewrite of pf(4).
1000019241245October 6, 201210-CURRENT after pfil(9) KBI/KPI changed to supply packets in net byte order to AF_INET filter hooks.
1000020241610October 16, 201210-CURRENT after the network interface cloning KPI changed and struct if_clone becoming opaque.
1000021241897October 22, 201210-CURRENT after removal of support for non-MPSAFE filesystems and addition of support for FUSEFS (rev 241519).
1000022241913October 22, 201210-CURRENT after the entire IPv4 stack switched to network byte order for IP packet header storage.
1000023242619November 5, 201210-CURRENT after jitter buffer in the common USB serial driver code, to temporarily store characters if the TTY buffer is full. Add flow stop and start signals when this happens.
1000024242624November 5, 201210-CURRENT after clang was made the default compiler on i386 and amd64.
1000025243443November 17, 201210-CURRENT after the sin6_scope_id member variable in struct sockaddr_in6 was changed to being filled by the kernel before passing the structure to the userland via sysctl or routing socket. This means the KAME-specific embedded scope id in sin6_addr.s6_addr[2] is always cleared in userland application.
1000026245313January 11, 201310-CURRENT after install gained the -N flag. May also be used to indicate the presence of nmtree.
1000027246084January 29, 201310-CURRENT after cat gained the -l flag (rev 246083).
1000028246759February 13, 201310-CURRENT after USB moved to the driver structure requiring a rebuild of all USB modules.
1000029247821March 4, 201310-CURRENT after the introduction of tickless callout facility which also changed the layout of struct callout (rev 247777).
1000030248210March 12, 201310-CURRENT after KPI breakage introduced in the VM subsystem to support read/write locking (rev 248084).
1000031249943April 26, 201310-CURRENT after the dst parameter of the ifnet if_output method was changed to take const qualifier (rev 249925).
1000032250163May 1, 201310-CURRENT after the introduction of the accept4(2) (rev 250154) and pipe2(2) (rev 250159) system calls.
1000033250881May 21, 201310-CURRENT after flex 2.5.37 import.
1000034251294June 3, 201310-CURRENT after the addition of these functions to libm: cacos(3), cacosf(3), cacosh(3), cacoshf(3), casin(3), casinf(3), casinh(3), casinhf(3), catan(3), catanf(3), catanh(3), catanhf(3), logl(3), log2l(3), log10l(3), log1pl(3), expm1l(3).
1000035251527June 8, 201310-CURRENT after the introduction of the aio_mlock(2) system call (rev 251526).
1000036253049July 9, 201310-CURRENT after the addition of a new function to the kernel GSSAPI module's function call interface.
1000037253089July 9, 201310-CURRENT after the migration of statistics structures to PCPU counters. Changed structures include: ahstat, arpstat, espstat, icmp6_ifstat, icmp6stat, in6_ifstat, ip6stat, ipcompstat, ipipstat, ipsecstat, mrt6stat, mrtstat, pfkeystat, pim6stat, pimstat, rip6stat, udpstat (rev 253081).
1000038253396July 16, 201310-CURRENT after making ARM EABI the default ABI on arm, armeb, armv6, and armv6eb architectures.
1000039253549July 22, 201310-CURRENT after CAM and mps(4) driver scanning changes.
1000040253638July 24, 201310-CURRENT after addition of libusb pkgconf files.
1000041253970August 5, 201310-CURRENT after change from time_second to time_uptime in PF_INET6.
1000042254138August 9, 201310-CURRENT after VM subsystem change to unify soft and hard busy mechanisms.
1000043254273August 13, 201310-CURRENT after WITH_ICONV is enabled by default. A new src.conf(5) option, WITH_LIBICONV_COMPAT (disabled by default) adds libiconv_open to provide compatibility with the libiconv port.
1000044254358August 15, 201310-CURRENT after libc.so conversion to an ld(1) script (rev 251668).
1000045254389August 15, 201310-CURRENT after devfs programming interface change by replacing the cdevsw flag D_UNMAPPED_IO with the struct cdev flag SI_UNMAPPED.
1000046254537August 19, 201310-CURRENT after addition of M_PROTO[9-12] and removal of M_FRAG|M_FIRSTFRAG|M_LASTFRAG mbuf flags (rev 254524, 254526).
1000047254627August 21, 201310-CURRENT after stat(2) update to allow storing some Windows/DOS and CIFS file attributes as stat(2) flags.
1000048254672August 22, 201310-CURRENT after modification of structure xsctp_inpcb.
1000049254760August 24, 201310-CURRENT after physio(9) support for devices that do not function properly with split I/O, such as sa(4).
1000050254844August 24, 201310-CURRENT after modifications of structure mbuf (rev 254780, 254799, 254804, 254807 254842).
1000051254887August 25, 201310-CURRENT after Radeon KMS driver import (rev 254885).
1000052255180September 3, 201310-CURRENT after import of NetBSD libexecinfo is connected to the build.
1000053255305September 6, 201310-CURRENT after API and ABI changes to the Capsicum framework.
1000054255321September 6, 201310-CURRENT after gcc and libstdc++ are no longer built by default.
1000055255449September 6, 201310-CURRENT after addition of MMAP_32BIT mmap(2) flag (rev 255426).
1000100259065December 7, 2013releng/10.0 branched from stable/10.
1000500256283October 10, 201310-STABLE after branch from head/.
1000501256916October 22, 201310-STABLE after addition of first-boot rc(8) support.
1000502258398November 20, 201310-STABLE after removal of iconv symbols from libc.so.7.
1000510259067December 7, 2013releng/10.0 __FreeBSD_version update to prevent the value from going backwards.
1000700259069December 7, 201310-STABLE after releng/10.0 branch.
1000701259447December 15, 201310.0-STABLE after Heimdal encoding fix.
1000702260135December 31, 201310-STABLE after MAP_STACK fixes.
1000703262801March 5, 201410-STABLE after upgrade of libc++ to 3.4 release.
1000704262889March 7, 201410-STABLE after MFC of the vt(4) driver (rev 262861).
1000705263508March 21, 201410-STABLE after upgrade of llvm/clang to 3.4 release.
1000706264214April 6, 201410-STABLE after GCC support for __block definition.
1000707264289April 8, 201410-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:06.openssl.
1000708265122April 30, 201410-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:07.devfs, FreeBSD-SA-14:08.tcp, and FreeBSD-SA-14:09.openssl.
1000709265946May 13, 201410-STABLE after support for UDP-Lite protocol (RFC 3828).
1000710267465June 13, 201410-STABLE after changes to strcasecmp(3), moving strcasecmp_l(3) and strncasecmp_l(3) from <string.h> to <strings.h> for POSIX 2008 compliance.
1000711268442July 8, 201410-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:17.kmem (rev 268432).
1000712269400August 1, 201410-STABLE after nfsd(8) 4.1 merge (rev 269398).
1000713269484August 3, 201410-STABLE after regex(3) library update to add > and < delimiters.
1000714270174August 3, 201410-STABLE after SOCK_DGRAM bug fix (rev 269490).
1000715271341September 9, 201410-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:18 (rev 269686).
1000716271686September 16, 201410-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:19 (rev 271667).
1000717271816September 18, 201410-STABLE after i915 HW context support.
1001000272463October 2, 201410.1-RC1 after releng/10.1 branch.
1001500272464October 2, 201410-STABLE after releng/10.1 branch.
1001501273432October 21, 201410-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:20, FreeBSD-SA-14:22, and FreeBSD-SA-14:23 (rev 273411).
1001502274162November 4, 201410-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:23, FreeBSD-SA-14:24, and FreeBSD-SA-14:25.
1001503275040November 25, 201410-STABLE after merging new libraries/utilities (dpv(1), dpv(3), and figpar(3)) for data throughput visualization.
1001504275742December 13, 201410-STABLE after merging an important fix to the LLVM vectorizer, which could lead to buffer overruns in some cases.
1001505276633January 3, 201510-STABLE after merging some arm constants in 276312.
1001506277087January 12, 201510-STABLE after merging max table size update for yacc.
1001507277790January 27, 201510-STABLE after changes to the UDP tunneling callback to provide a context pointer and the source sockaddr.
1001508278974February 18, 201510-STABLE after addition of the CDAI_TYPE_EXT_INQ request type.
1001509279287February 25, 201510-STABLE after FreeBSD-EN-15:01.vt, FreeBSD-EN-15:02.openssl, FreeBSD-EN-15:03.freebsd-update, FreeBSD-SA-15:04.igmp, and FreeBSD-SA-15:05.bind.
1001510279329February 26, 201510-STABLE after MFC of rev 278964.
100151128024619 March, 201510-STABLE after sys/capability.h is renamed to sys/capsicum.h (rev 280224/).
100151228043824 March, 201510-STABLE after addition of new mtio(4), sa(4) ioctls.
100151328195524 April, 201510-STABLE after starting the process of removing the use of the deprecated "M_FLOWID" flag from the network code.
1001514282275April 30, 201510-STABLE after MFC of iconv(3) fixes.
1001515282781May 11, 201510-STABLE after adding back M_FLOWID.
1001516283341May 24, 201510-STABLE after MFC of many USB things.
1001517283950June 3, 201510-STABLE after MFC of sound related things.
1001518284204June 10, 201510-STABLE after MFC of zfs vfs fixes (rev 284203).
1001519284720June 23, 201510-STABLE after reverting bumping MAXCPU on amd64.
100200028583024 July, 2015releng/10.2 branched from 10-STABLE.
100250028583124 July, 201510-STABLE after releng/10.2 branched from 10-STABLE.
10025012890058 October, 201510-STABLE after merge of ZFS changes that affected the internal interface of zfeature_info structure (rev 288572).
100250229124324 November, 201510-STABLE after merge of dump device changes that affected the arguments of g_dev_setdumpdev()(rev 291215).
100250329222414 December, 201510-STABLE after merge of changes to the internal interface between the nfsd.ko and nfscommon.ko modules, requiring them to be upgraded together (rev 292223).
100250429258922 December, 201510-STABLE after merge of xz 5.2.2 merge (multithread support) (rev 292588).
100250529290830 December, 201510-STABLE after merge of changes to pci(4) (rev 292907).
10025062934769 January, 201610-STABLE after merge of utimensat(2) (rev 293473).
10025072936109 January, 201610-STABLE after merge of changes to linux(4) (rev 293477 through 293609 ).
10025082936199 January, 201610-STABLE after merge of changes to figpar(3) types/macros (rev 290275).
10025092951071 February, 201610-STABLE after merge of API change to dpv(3).
10030002963734 March, 2016releng/10.3 branched from 10-STABLE.
10035002963744 March, 201610-STABLE after releng/10.3 branched from 10-STABLE.
100350129829919 June, 201610-STABLE after adding kdbcontrol's -P option (rev 298297).
100350229996619 June, 201610-STABLE after libcrypto.so was made position independent.
100350330023519 June, 201610-STABLE after allowing MK_ overrides (rev 300233).
100350430206621 June, 201610-STABLE after MFC of filemon changes from 11-CURRENT.
100350530222827 June, 201610-STABLE after converting sed to use REG_STARTEND, fixing a Mesa issue.
1003506304611August 22, 201610-STABLE after adding C++11 thread_local support.
1003507304864August 26, 201610-STABLE after LC_*_MASK fix.
1003508305734September 12, 201610-STABLE after resolving a deadlock between device_detach() and usbd_do_request_flags(9).
1003509307331October 14, 201610-STABLE after ZFS merges.
1003510308047October 28, 201610-STABLE after installing header files required development with libzfs_core.
1003511310121December 15, 201610-STABLE after exporting whole thread name in kinfo_proc (rev 309676).
1003512315730March 22, 201710-STABLE after libmd changes (rev 314143).
1003513316499April 4, 201710-STABLE after making CAM SIM lock optional (revs 315673, 315674).
1003514318198May 11, 201710-STABLE after merging the addition of the <dev/mmc/mmc_ioctl.h> header.
1003515321222July 19, 201710-STABLE after adding C++14 sized deallocation functions to libc++.
1003516321717July 30, 201710-STABLE after merging the MAP_GUARD mmap(2) flag addition.
1004000323604September 15, 2017releng/10.4 branched from 10-STABLE.
1004500323605September 15, 201710-STABLE after releng/10.4 branched from 10-STABLE.
1004501328379January 24, 201810-STABLE after merging 325028, fixing ptrace() to always clear the correct thread event when resuming.
1004502356396January 6, 202010-STABLE after making USB statistics be per-device instead of per bus.
1004503356681January 13, 202010-STABLE after adding own counter for cancelled USB transfers.

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