18.3. FreeBSD 11 Versions

Table 18.3. FreeBSD 11 __FreeBSD_version Values
1100000256284October 10, 201311.0-CURRENT.
1100001256776October 19, 201311.0-CURRENT after addition of support for "first boot" rc.d scripts, so ports can make use of this.
1100002257696November 5, 201311.0-CURRENT after dropping support for historic ioctls.
1100003258284November 17, 201311.0-CURRENT after iconv changes.
1100004259424December 15, 201311.0-CURRENT after the behavior change of gss_pseudo_random introduced in 259286.
1100005260010December 28, 201311.0-CURRENT after 259951 - Do not coalesce entries in vm_map_stack(9).
1100006261246January 28, 201411.0-CURRENT after upgrades of libelf and libdwarf.
1100007261283January 30, 201411.0-CURRENT after upgrade of libc++ to 3.4 release.
1100008261881February 14, 201411.0-CURRENT after libc++ 3.4 ABI compatibility fix.
1100009261991February 16, 201411.0-CURRENT after upgrade of llvm/clang to 3.4 release.
1100010262630February 28, 201411.0-CURRENT after upgrade of ncurses to 5.9 release (rev 262629).
1100011263102March 13, 201411.0-CURRENT after ABI change in struct if_data.
1100012263140March 14, 201411.0-CURRENT after removal of Novell IPX protocol support.
1100013263152March 14, 201411.0-CURRENT after removal of AppleTalk protocol support.
1100014263235March 16, 201411.0-CURRENT after renaming <sys/capability.h> to <sys/capsicum.h> to avoid a clash with similarly named headers in other operating systems. A compatibility header is left in place to limit build breakage, but will be deprecated in due course.
1100015263620March 22, 201411.0-CURRENT after cnt rename to vm_cnt.
1100016263660March 23, 201411.0-CURRENT after addition of armv6hf TARGET_ARCH.
1100017264121April 4, 201411.0-CURRENT after GCC support for __block definition.
1100018264212April 6, 201411.0-CURRENT after support for UDP-Lite protocol (RFC 3828).
1100019264289April 8, 201411.0-CURRENT after FreeBSD-SA-14:06.openssl (rev 264265).
1100020265215May 1, 201411.0-CURRENT after removing lindev in favor of having /dev/full by default (rev 265212).
1100021266151May 6, 201411.0-CURRENT after src.opts.mk changes, decoupling make.conf(5) from buildworld (rev 265419).
1100022266904May 30, 201411.0-CURRENT after changes to strcasecmp(3), moving strcasecmp_l(3) and strncasecmp_l(3) from <string.h> to <strings.h> for POSIX 2008 compliance (rev 266865).
1100023267440June 13, 201411.0-CURRENT after the CUSE library and kernel module have been attached to the build by default.
1100024267992June 27, 201411.0-CURRENT after sysctl(3) API change.
1100025268066June 30, 201411.0-CURRENT after regex(3) library update to add > and < delimiters.
1100026268118July 1, 201411.0-CURRENT after the internal interface between the NFS modules, including the krpc, was changed by (rev 268115).
1100027268441July 8, 201411.0-CURRENT after FreeBSD-SA-14:17.kmem (rev 268431).
1100028268945July 21, 201411.0-CURRENT after hdestroy(3) compliance fix changed ABI.
1100029270173August 3, 201411.0-CURRENT after SOCK_DGRAM bug fix (rev 269489).
1100030270929September 1, 201411.0-CURRENT after SOCK_RAW sockets were changed to not modify packets at all.
1100031271341September 9, 201411.0-CURRENT after FreeBSD-SA-14:18.openssl (rev 269686).
1100032271438September 11, 201411.0-CURRENT after API changes to ifa_ifwithbroadaddr, ifa_ifwithdstaddr, ifa_ifwithnet, and ifa_ifwithroute.
1100033271657September 9, 201411.0-CURRENT after changing access, eaccess, and faccessat to validate the mode argument.
1100034271686September 16, 201411.0-CURRENT after FreeBSD-SA-14:19.tcp (rev 271666).
1100035271705September 17, 201411.0-CURRENT after i915 HW context support.
1100036271724September 17, 2014Version bump to have ABI note distinguish binaries ready for strict mmap(2) flags checking (rev 271724).
1100037272674October 6, 201411.0-CURRENT after addition of explicit_bzero(3) (rev 272673).
1100038272951October 11, 201411.0-CURRENT after cleanup of TCP wrapper headers.
1100039273250October 18, 201411.0-CURRENT after removal of MAP_RENAME and MAP_NORESERVE.
1100040273432October 21, 201411.0-CURRENT after FreeBSD-SA-14:23 (rev 273146).
1100041273875October 30, 201411.0-CURRENT after API changes to syscall_register, syscall32_register, syscall_register_helper and syscall32_register_helper (rev 273707).
1100042274046November 3, 201411.0-CURRENT after a change to struct tcpcb.
1100043274085November 4, 201411.0-CURRENT after enabling vt(4) by default.
1100044274116November 4, 201411.0-CURRENT after adding new libraries/utilities (dpv and figpar) for data throughput visualization.
1100045274162November 4, 201411.0-CURRENT after FreeBSD-SA-14:23, FreeBSD-SA-14:24, and FreeBSD-SA-14:25.
1100046274470November 13, 201411.0-CURRENT after kern_poll signature change (rev 274462).
1100047274476November 13, 201411.0-CURRENT after removal of no-at version of VFS syscalls helpers, like kern_open.
1100048275358December 1, 201411.0-CURRENT after starting the process of removing the use of the deprecated "M_FLOWID" flag from the network code.
1100049275633December 9, 201411.0-CURRENT after importing an important fix to the LLVM vectorizer, which could lead to buffer overruns in some cases.
1100050275732December 12, 201411.0-CURRENT after adding AES-ICM and AES-GCM to OpenCrypto.
1100051276096December 23, 201411.0-CURRENT after removing old NFS client and server code from the kernel.
1100052276479December 31, 201411.0-CURRENT after upgrade of clang, llvm and lldb to 3.5.0 release.
1100053276781January 7, 201511.0-CURRENT after MCLGET(9) gained a return value (rev 276750).
1100054277213January 15, 201511.0-CURRENT after rewrite of callout subsystem.
1100055277528January 22, 201511.0-CURRENT after reverting callout changes in 277213.
1100056277610January 23, 201511.0-CURRENT after addition of futimens and utimensat system calls.
1100057277897January 29, 201511.0-CURRENT after removal of d_thread_t.
1100058278228February 5, 201511.0-CURRENT after addition of support for probing the SCSI VPD Extended Inquiry page (0x86).
1100059278442February 9, 201511.0-CURRENT after import of xz 5.2.0, which added multi-threaded compression and lzma gained libthr dependency (rev 278433).
1100060278846February 16, 201511.0-CURRENT after forwarding FBIO_BLANK to framebuffer clients.
1100061278964February 18, 201511.0-CURRENT after CDAI_FLAG_NONE addition.
1100062279221February 23, 201511.0-CURRENT after mtio(4) and sa(4) API and ioctl(2) additions.
1100063279728March 7, 201511.0-CURRENT after adding mutex support to the pps_ioctl() API in the kernel.
1100064279729March 7, 201511.0-CURRENT after adding PPS support to USB serial drivers.
1100065280031March 15, 201511.0-CURRENT after upgrading clang, llvm and lldb to 3.6.0.
1100066280306March 20, 201511.0-CURRENT after removal of SSLv2 support from OpenSSL.
1100067280630March 25, 201511.0-CURRENT after removal of SSLv2 support from fetch(1) and fetch(3).
1100068281172April 6, 201511.0-CURRENT after change to net.inet6.ip6.mif6table sysctl.
1100069281550April 15, 201511.0-CURRENT after removal of const qualifier from iconv(3).
1100070281613April 16, 201511.0-CURRENT after moving ALTQ from contrib to net/altq.
1100071282256April 29, 201511.0-CURRENT after API/ABI change to smb(4) (rev 281985).
1100072282319May 1, 201511.0-CURRENT after adding reallocarray(3) in libc (rev 282314).
1100073282650May 8, 201511.0-CURRENT after extending the maximum number of allowed PCM channels in a PCM stream to 127 and decreasing the maximum number of sub-channels to 1.
1100074283526May 25, 201511.0-CURRENT after adding preliminary support for x86-64 Linux binaries (rev 283424), and upgrading clang and llvm to 3.6.1.
1100075283623May 27, 201511.0-CURRENT after dounmount()requiring a reference on the passed struct mount (rev 283602).
1100076283983June 4, 201511.0-CURRENT after disabled generation of legacy formatted password databases entries by default.
1100077284233June 10, 201511.0-CURRENT after API changes to lim_cur, lim_max, and lim_rlimit (rev 284215).
1100078286672August 12, 201511.0-CURRENT after crunchgen(1) changes from 284356 to 285986.
1100079286874August 18, 201511.0-CURRENT after import of jemalloc 4.0.0 (rev 286866).
1100080288943October 5, 201511.0-CURRENT after upgrading clang, llvm, lldb, compiler-rt and libc++ to 3.7.0.
1100081289415October 16, 201511.0-CURRENT after undating ZFS to support resumable send/receive (rev 289362).
1100082289594October 19, 201511.0-CURRENT after Linux KPI updates.
1100083289749October 22, 201511.0-CURRENT after renaming linuxapi.ko to linuxkpi.ko.
1100084290135October 29, 201511.0-CURRENT after moving the LinuxKPI module into the default kernel build.
1100085290207October 30, 201511.0-CURRENT after import of OpenSSL 1.0.2d.
1100086290275November 2, 201511.0-CURRENT after making figpar(3) macros more unique.
1100087290479November 7, 201511.0-CURRENT after changing sysctl_add_oid(9)'s ABI.
1100088290495November 7, 201511.0-CURRENT after string collation and locales rework.
1100089290505November 7, 201511.0-CURRENT after API change to sysctl_add_oid(9) (rev 290475).
1100090290715November 10, 201511.0-CURRENT after API change to callout_stop macro; (rev 290664).
1100091291537November 30, 201511.0-CURRENT after changing the interface between the nfsd.ko and nfscommon.ko modules in 291527.
1100092292499December 19, 201511.0-CURRENT after removal of vm_pageout_grow_cache (rev 292469).
1100093292966December 30, 201511.0-CURRENT after removal of sys/crypto/sha2.h (rev 292782).
1100094294086January 15, 201611.0-CURRENT after LinuxKPI PCI changes (rev 294086).
1100095294327January 19, 201611.0-CURRENT after LRO optimizations.
1100096294505January 21, 201611.0-CURRENT after LinuxKPI idr_* additions.
1100097294860January 26, 201611.0-CURRENT after API change to dpv(3).
1100098295682February 16, 201611.0-CURRENT after API change to rman (rev 294883).
1100099295739February 18, 201611.0-CURRENT after allowing drivers to set the TCP ACK/data segment aggregation limit.
1100100296136February 26, 201611.0-CURRENT after bus_alloc_resource_any(9) API addition.
1100101296417March 5, 201611.0-CURRENT after upgrading our copies of clang, llvm, lldb and compiler-rt to 3.8.0 release.
1100102296749March 12, 201611.0-CURRENT after libelf cross-endian fix in rev 296685.
1100103297000March 18, 201611.0-CURRENT after using uintmax_t for rman ranges.
1100104297156March 21, 201611.0-CURRENT after tracking filemon usage via a proc.p_filemon pointer rather than its own lists.
1100105297602April 6, 201611.0-CURRENT after fixing sed functions i and a from discarding leading white space.
1100106298486April 22, 201611.0-CURRENT after fixes for using IPv6 addresses with RDMA.
1100107299090May 4, 201611.0-CURRENT after improving performance and functionality of the bitstring(3) api.
1100108299530May 12, 201611.0-CURRENT after fixing handling of IOCTLs in the LinuxKPI.
1100109299933May 16, 201611.0-CURRENT after implementing more Linux device related functions in the LinuxKPI.
1100110300207May 19, 201611.0-CURRENT after adding support for managing Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) drives.
1100111300303May 20, 201611.0-CURRENT after removing brk and sbrk from arm64.
1100112300539May 23, 201611.0-CURRENT after adding bit_count to the bitstring(3) API.
1100113300701May 26, 201611.0-CURRENT after disabling alignment faults on armv6.
1100114300806May 26, 201611.0-CURRENT after fixing crunchgen(1) usage with MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX.
1100115300982May 30, 201611.0-CURRENT after adding an mbuf flag for M_HASHTYPE_.
1100116301011May 31, 201611.0-CURRENT after SHA-512t256 (rev 300903) and Skein (rev 300966) where added to libmd, libcrypt, the kernel, and ZFS (rev 301010).
1100117301892June 6, 201611.0-CURRENT after libpam was synced with stock 301602, bumping library version.
1100118302071June 21, 201611.0-CURRENT after breaking binary compatibility of struct disk 302069.
1100119302150June 23, 201611.0-CURRENT after switching geom_disk to using a pool mutex.
1100120302153June 23, 201611.0-CURRENT after adding spares to struct ifnet.
1100121303979August 12, 201511-STABLE after releng/11.0 branched from 11-STABLE (rev 303975).
1100500303979August 12, 201611.0-STABLE adding branched 303976.
1100501304609August 22, 201611.0-STABLE after adding C++11 thread_local support.
1100502304865August 26, 201611.0-STABLE after LC_*_MASK fix.
1100503305733September 12, 201611.0-STABLE after resolving a deadlock between device_detach() and usbd_do_request_flags(9).
1100504307330October 14, 201611.0-STABLE after ZFS merges.
1100505307590October 19, 201611.0-STABLE after struct fb_info change.
1100506308048October 28, 201611.0-STABLE after installing header files required development with libzfs_core.
1100507310120December 15, 201611.0-STABLE after adding the ki_moretdname member to struct kinfo_proc and struct kinfo_proc32 to export the whole thread name to user-space utilities.
1100508310618December 26, 201611.0-STABLE after upgrading our copies of clang, llvm, lldb, compiler-rt and libc++ to 3.9.1 release, and adding lld 3.9.1.
1100509311186January 3, 201711.0-STABLE after crunchgen(1) META_MODE fix (rev 311185).
1100510315312March 15, 201711.0-STABLE after MFC of fget_cap, getsock_cap, and related changes.
1100511316423April 2, 201711.0-STABLE after multiple MFCs updating clang, llvm, lld, lldb, compiler-rt and libc++ to 4.0.0 release.
1100512316498April 4, 201711.0-STABLE after making CAM SIM lock optional (revs 315673, 315674).
1100513318197May 11, 201711.0-STABLE after merging the addition of the <dev/mmc/mmc_ioctl.h> header.
1100514319279May 31, 201711.0-STABLE after multiple MFCs of libpcap, WITHOUT_INET6, and a few other minor changes.
1101000320486June 30, 2017releng/11.1 branched from stable/11.
1101001320763June 30, 201711.1-RC1 After merging the MAP_GUARD mmap(2) flag addition.
1101500320487June 30, 201711-STABLE after releng/11.1 branched.
1101501320666July 5, 201711-STABLE after merging the MAP_GUARD mmap(2) flag addition.
1101502321688July 29, 201711-STABLE after merging the NFS client forced dismount support umount -N addition.
1101503323431September 11, 201711-STABLE after merging changes making the WRFSBASE instruction operational on amd64.
1101504324006September 26, 201711-STABLE after merging libm from head, which adds cacoshl(3), cacosl(3), casinhl(3), casinl(3), catanl(3), catanhl(3), sincos(3), sincosf(3), and sincosl(3).
1101505324023September 26, 201711-STABLE after merging clang, llvm, lld, lldb, compiler-rt and libc++ 5.0.0 release.
1101506325003October 25, 201711-STABLE after merging 324281, adding the value.u16 field to struct diocgattr_arg.
1101507328379January 24, 201811-STABLE after merging 325028, fixing ptrace() to always clear the correct thread event when resuming.
1101508328386January 24, 201811-STABLE after merging 316648, renaming smp_no_rendevous_barrier() to smp_no_rendezvous_barrier().
1101509328653February 1, 201811-STABLE after an overwrite merge backport of the LinuxKPI from FreeBSD-head.
1101510329450February 17, 201811-STABLE after the cmpxchg() macro is now fully functional in the LinuxKPI.
1101511329981February 25, 201811-STABLE after concluding the recent LinuxKPI related updates.
1101512331219March 19, 201811-STABLE after merging retpoline support from the upstream llvm, clang and lld 5.0 branches.
1101513331838March 31, 201811-STABLE after merging clang, llvm, lld, lldb, compiler-rt and libc++ 6.0.0 release, and several follow-up fixes.
1101514332089April 5, 201811-STABLE after merging 328331, adding a new and incompatible interpretation of ${name}_limits in rc scripts.
1101515332363April 10, 201811-STABLE after reverting 331880, removing the new and incompatible interpretation of ${name}_limits in rc scripts.
1101516334392May 30, 201811-STABLE after dwatch(1) touch-ups.
1102000334459June 1, 2018releng/11.2 branched from stable/11.
1102500334461June 1, 201811-STABLE after releng/11.2 branched.
1102501335436June 20, 201811-STABLE after LinuxKPI updates requiring recompilation of external kernel modules.
1102502338617September 12, 201811-STABLE after adding a socket option SO_TS_CLOCK and fixing recvmsg32() system call to properly down-convert layout of the 64-bit structures to match what 32-bit app(s) expect.
1102503338931September 25, 201811-STABLE after merging a TCP checksum fix to iflib(9) and adding new media types to if_media.h
1102504340309November 9, 201811-STABLE after several MFCs: updating objcopy(1) to properly handle little-endian MIPS64 object; correcting mips64el test to use ELF header; adding test for 64-bit ELF in _libelf_is_mips64el.
1102505342804January 6, 201911-STABLE after merge of fixing linux_destroy_dev() behaviour when there are still files open from the destroying cdev.
1102506344220February 17, 201911-STABLE after merging multiple commits to lualoader.
1102507346296April 16, 201911-STABLE after merging llvm, clang, compiler-rt, libc++, libunwind, lld, lldb and openmp 8.0.0 final release r356365.
1102508346784April 27, 201911-STABLE after ether_gen_addr availability.
1102509347212May 6, 201911-STABLE after MFC of 345303, 345658, and partially of 345305.
1102510347883May 16, 201911-STABLE after bumping the Mellanox driver version numbers (mlx4en(4); mlx5en(4)).
1103000349026June 14, 2019releng/11.3 branched from stable/11.
1103500349027June 14, 201911-STABLE after releng/11.3 branched.
1103501354598November 10, 201911-STABLE after fixing a potential OOB read security issue in libc++.
1103502354614November 11, 201911-STABLE after adding sysfs create/remove functions that handles multiple files in one call to the LinuxKPI.
1103503354615November 11, 201911-STABLE after LinuxKPI sysfs improvements.
1103504354616November 11, 201911-STABLE after enabling device class group attributes in the LinuxKPI.
1103505355899December 19, 201911-STABLE after adding sigsetop extensions commonly found in musl libc and glibc.
1103506356395January 6, 202011-STABLE after making USB statistics be per-device instead of per bus.
1103507356680January 13, 202011-STABLE after adding own counter for cancelled USB transfers.
1103508357613February 6, 202011-STABLE after recent LinuxKPI changes.
1103509359958April 15, 202011-STABLE after moving id_mapped to end of bus_dma_impl structure to preserve KPI.
1103510360658May 5, 202011-STABLE after updating llvm, clang, compiler-rt, libc++, libunwind, lld, lldb and openmp to 9.0.0 final release r372316.
1103511360784May 7, 202011-STABLE after updating llvm, clang, compiler-rt, libc++, libunwind, lld, lldb and openmp to 10.0.0 release.
1104000360804May 8, 2020releng/11.4 branched from stable/11.
1104001360822May 8, 202011.4-BETA1 after updating llvm, clang, compiler-rt, libc++, libunwind, lld, lldb and openmp to 10.0.0 release.
1104500360805May 8, 202011-STABLE after releng/11.4 branched.
1104501362320June 18, 202011-STABLE after implementing __is_constexpr() function macro in the LinuxKPI.
1104502362919July 4, 202011-STABLE after making liblzma use libmd implementation of SHA256.
1104503363496July 24, 202011-STABLE after updating llvm, clang, compiler-rt, libc++, libunwind, lld, lldb and openmp to 10.0.1 release.
1104504363792August 3, 202011-STABLE after implementing the array_size() function in the LinuxKPI.
1104505364391August 19, 202011-STABLE after change to clone the task struct fields related to RCU.
1104506365471September 8, 202011-STABLE after adding atomic and bswap functions to libcompiler_rt.
1104507365661September 12, 202011-STABLE after followup commits to libcompiler_rt.
1104508366879October 20, 202011-STABLE after populating the acquire context field of a ww_mutex in the LinuxKPI.
1104509366889October 20, 202011-STABLE after additions to LinuxKPI's RCU list.
1104510367513November 9, 202011-STABLE after the addition of ptsname_r.

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