18.12. FreeBSD 2.2 Versions

Table 18.12. FreeBSD 2.2 __FreeBSD_version Values
22000022918February 19, 19972.2-RELEASE
(not changed)  2.2.1-RELEASE
(not changed)  2.2-STABLE after 2.2.1-RELEASE
22100124941April 15, 19972.2-STABLE after texinfo-3.9
22100225325April 30, 19972.2-STABLE after top
22200025851May 16, 19972.2.2-RELEASE
22200125921May 19, 19972.2-STABLE after 2.2.2-RELEASE
22500030053October 2, 19972.2.5-RELEASE
22500131300November 20, 19972.2-STABLE after 2.2.5-RELEASE
22500232019December 27, 19972.2-STABLE after ldconfig -R merge
22600034445March 24, 19982.2.6-RELEASE
22700037803July 21, 19982.2.7-RELEASE
22700137809July 21, 19982.2-STABLE after 2.2.7-RELEASE
22700239489September 19, 19982.2-STABLE after semctl(2) change
22800041403November 29, 19982.2.8-RELEASE
22800141418November 29, 19982.2-STABLE after 2.2.8-RELEASE


Note that 2.2-STABLE sometimes identifies itself as 2.2.5-STABLE after the 2.2.5-RELEASE. The pattern used to be year followed by the month, but we decided to change it to a more straightforward major/minor system starting from 2.2. This is because the parallel development on several branches made it infeasible to classify the releases merely by their real release dates. Do not worry about old -CURRENTs; they are listed here just for reference.

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