18.11. FreeBSD 3 Versions

Table 18.11. FreeBSD 3 __FreeBSD_version Values
30000022917February 19, 19963.0-CURRENT before mount(2) change
30000136283September 24, 19973.0-CURRENT after mount(2) change
30000236592June 2, 19983.0-CURRENT after semctl(2) change
30000336735June 7, 19983.0-CURRENT after ioctl arg changes
30000438768September 3, 19983.0-CURRENT after ELF conversion
30000540438October 16, 19983.0-RELEASE
30000640445October 16, 19983.0-CURRENT after 3.0-RELEASE
30000743042January 22, 19993.0-STABLE after 3/4 branch
31000043807February 9, 19993.1-RELEASE
31000145060March 27, 19993.1-STABLE after 3.1-RELEASE
31000245689April 14, 19993.1-STABLE after C++ constructor/destructor order change
320000  3.2-RELEASE
32000146742May 8, 19993.2-STABLE
32000250563August 29, 19993.2-STABLE after binary-incompatible IPFW and socket changes
33000050813September 2, 19993.3-RELEASE
33000151328September 16, 19993.3-STABLE
33000253671November 24, 19993.3-STABLE after adding mkstemp(3) to libc
34000054166December 5, 19993.4-RELEASE
34000154730December 17, 19993.4-STABLE
35000061876June 20, 20003.5-RELEASE
35000163043July 12, 20003.5-STABLE

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