18.9. FreeBSD 5 Versions

Table 18.9. FreeBSD 5 __FreeBSD_version Values
50000058009March 13, 20005.0-CURRENT
50000159348April 18, 20005.0-CURRENT after adding addition ELF header fields, and changing our ELF binary branding method.
50000259906May 2, 20005.0-CURRENT after kld metadata changes.
50000360688May 18, 20005.0-CURRENT after buf/bio changes.
50000460936May 26, 20005.0-CURRENT after binutils upgrade.
50000561221June 3, 20005.0-CURRENT after merging libxpg4 code into libc and after TASKQ interface introduction.
50000661500June 10, 20005.0-CURRENT after the addition of AGP interfaces.
50000762235June 29, 20005.0-CURRENT after Perl upgrade to 5.6.0
50000862764July 7, 20005.0-CURRENT after the update of KAME code to 2000/07 sources.
50000963154July 14, 20005.0-CURRENT after ether_ifattach() and ether_ifdetach() changes.
50001063265July 16, 20005.0-CURRENT after changing mtree defaults back to original variant, adding -L to follow symlinks.
50001163459July 18, 20005.0-CURRENT after kqueue API changed.
50001265353September 2, 20005.0-CURRENT after setproctitle(3) moved from libutil to libc.
50001365671September 10, 20005.0-CURRENT after the first SMPng commit.
50001470650January 4, 20015.0-CURRENT after <sys/select.h> moved to <sys/selinfo.h>.
50001570894January 10, 20015.0-CURRENT after combining libgcc.a and libgcc_r.a, and associated GCC linkage changes.
50001671583January 24, 20015.0-CURRENT after change allowing libc and libc_r to be linked together, deprecating -pthread option.
50001772650February 18, 20015.0-CURRENT after switch from struct ucred to struct xucred to stabilize kernel-exported API for mountd et al.
50001872975February 24, 20015.0-CURRENT after addition of CPUTYPE make variable for controlling CPU-specific optimizations.
50001977937June 9, 20015.0-CURRENT after moving machine/ioctl_fd.h to sys/fdcio.h
50002078304June 15, 20015.0-CURRENT after locale names renaming.
50002178632June 22, 20015.0-CURRENT after Bzip2 import. Also signifies removal of S/Key.
50002283435July 12, 20015.0-CURRENT after SSE support.
50002383435September 14, 20015.0-CURRENT after KSE Milestone 2.
50002484324October 1, 20015.0-CURRENT after d_thread_t, and moving UUCP to ports.
50002584481October 4, 20015.0-CURRENT after ABI change for descriptor and creds passing on 64 bit platforms.
50002684710October 9, 20015.0-CURRENT after moving to XFree86 4 by default for package builds, and after the new libc strnstr() function was added.
50002784743October 10, 20015.0-CURRENT after the new libc strcasestr() function was added.
50002887879December 14, 20015.0-CURRENT after the userland components of smbfs were imported.
(not changed)  5.0-CURRENT after the new C99 specific-width integer types were added.
50002989938January 29, 20025.0-CURRENT after a change was made in the return value of sendfile(2).
50003090711February 15, 20025.0-CURRENT after the introduction of the type fflags_t, which is the appropriate size for file flags.
50003191203February 24, 20025.0-CURRENT after the usb structure element rename.
50003292453March 16, 20025.0-CURRENT after the introduction of Perl 5.6.1.
50003393722April 3, 20025.0-CURRENT after the sendmail_enable rc.conf(5) variable was made to take the value NONE.
50003495831April 30, 20025.0-CURRENT after mtx_init() grew a third argument.
50003596498May 13, 20025.0-CURRENT with Gcc 3.1.
50003696781May 17, 20025.0-CURRENT without Perl in /usr/src
50003797516May 29, 20025.0-CURRENT after the addition of dlfunc(3)
500038100591July 24, 20025.0-CURRENT after the types of some struct sockbuf members were changed and the structure was reordered.
500039102757September 1, 20025.0-CURRENT after GCC 3.2.1 import. Also after headers stopped using _BSD_FOO_T_ and started using _FOO_T_DECLARED. This value can also be used as a conservative estimate of the start of bzip2(1) package support.
500040103675September 20, 20025.0-CURRENT after various changes to disk functions were made in the name of removing dependency on disklabel structure internals.
500041104250October 1, 20025.0-CURRENT after the addition of getopt_long(3) to libc.
500042105178October 15, 20025.0-CURRENT after Binutils 2.13 upgrade, which included new FreeBSD emulation, vec, and output format.
500043106289November 1, 20025.0-CURRENT after adding weak pthread_XXX stubs to libc, obsoleting libXThrStub.so. 5.0-RELEASE.
500100109405January 17, 20035.0-CURRENT after branching for RELENG_5_0
500101111120February 19, 2003<sys/dkstat.h> is empty. Do not include it.
500102111482February 25, 20035.0-CURRENT after the d_mmap_t interface change.
500103111540February 26, 20035.0-CURRENT after taskqueue_swi changed to run without Giant, and taskqueue_swi_giant added to run with Giant.
500104111600February 27, 2003cdevsw_add() and cdevsw_remove() no longer exists. Appearance of MAJOR_AUTO allocation facility.
500105111864March 4, 20035.0-CURRENT after new cdevsw initialization method.
500106112007March 8, 2003devstat_add_entry() has been replaced by devstat_new_entry()
500107112288March 15, 2003Devstat interface change; see sys/sys/param.h 1.149
500108112300March 15, 2003Token-Ring interface changes.
500109112571March 25, 2003Addition of vm_paddr_t.
500110112741March 28, 20035.0-CURRENT after realpath(3) has been made thread-safe
500111113273April 9, 20035.0-CURRENT after usbhid(3) has been synced with NetBSD
500112113597April 17, 20035.0-CURRENT after new NSS implementation and addition of POSIX.1 getpw*_r, getgr*_r functions
500113114492May 2, 20035.0-CURRENT after removal of the old rc system.
501000115816June 4, 20035.1-RELEASE.
501100115710June 2, 20035.1-CURRENT after branching for RELENG_5_1.
501101117025June 29, 20035.1-CURRENT after correcting the semantics of sigtimedwait(2) and sigwaitinfo(2).
501102117191July 3, 20035.1-CURRENT after adding the lockfunc and lockfuncarg fields to bus_dma_tag_create(9).
501103118241July 31, 20035.1-CURRENT after GCC 3.3.1-pre 20030711 snapshot integration.
501104118511August 5, 20035.1-CURRENT 3ware API changes to twe.
501105119021August 17, 20035.1-CURRENT dynamically-linked /bin and /sbin support and movement of libraries to /lib.
501106119881September 8, 20035.1-CURRENT after adding kernel support for Coda 6.x.
501107120180September 17, 20035.1-CURRENT after 16550 UART constants moved from <dev/sio/sioreg.h> to <dev/ic/ns16550.h>. Also when libmap functionality was unconditionally supported by rtld.
501108120386September 23, 20035.1-CURRENT after PFIL_HOOKS API update
501109120503September 27, 20035.1-CURRENT after adding kiconv(3)
501110120556September 28, 20035.1-CURRENT after changing default operations for open and close in cdevsw
501111121125October 16, 20035.1-CURRENT after changed layout of cdevsw
501112121129October 16, 2003 5.1-CURRENT after adding kobj multiple inheritance
501113121816October 31, 2003 5.1-CURRENT after the if_xname change in struct ifnet
501114122779November 16, 2003 5.1-CURRENT after changing /bin and /sbin to be dynamically linked
502000123198December 7, 20035.2-RELEASE
502010126150February 23, 20045.2.1-RELEASE
502100123196December 7, 20035.2-CURRENT after branching for RELENG_5_2
502101123677December 19, 20035.2-CURRENT after __cxa_atexit/__cxa_finalize functions were added to libc.
502102125236January 30, 20045.2-CURRENT after change of default thread library from libc_r to libpthread.
502103126083February 21, 20045.2-CURRENT after device driver API megapatch.
502104126208February 25, 20045.2-CURRENT after getopt_long_only() addition.
502105126644March 5, 20045.2-CURRENT after NULL is made into ((void *)0) for C, creating more warnings.
502106126757March 8, 20045.2-CURRENT after pf is linked to the build and install.
502107126819March 10, 20045.2-CURRENT after time_t is changed to a 64-bit value on sparc64.
502108126891March 12, 20045.2-CURRENT after Intel C/C++ compiler support in some headers and execve(2) changes to be more strictly conforming to POSIX.
502109127312March 22, 20045.2-CURRENT after the introduction of the bus_alloc_resource_any API
502110127475March 27, 20045.2-CURRENT after the addition of UTF-8 locales
502111128144April 11, 20045.2-CURRENT after the removal of the getvfsent(3) API
502112128182April 13, 20045.2-CURRENT after the addition of the .warning directive for make.
502113130057June 4, 20045.2-CURRENT after ttyioctl() was made mandatory for serial drivers.
502114130418June 13, 20045.2-CURRENT after import of the ALTQ framework.
502115130481June 14, 20045.2-CURRENT after changing sema_timedwait(9) to return 0 on success and a non-zero error code on failure.
502116130585June 16, 20045.2-CURRENT after changing kernel dev_t to be pointer to struct cdev *.
502117130640June 17, 20045.2-CURRENT after changing kernel udev_t to dev_t.
502118130656June 17, 20045.2-CURRENT after adding support for CLOCK_VIRTUAL and CLOCK_PROF to clock_gettime(2) and clock_getres(2).
502119130934June 22, 20045.2-CURRENT after changing network interface cloning overhaul.
502120131429July 2, 20045.2-CURRENT after the update of the package tools to revision 20040629.
502121131883July 9, 20045.2-CURRENT after marking Bluetooth code as non-i386 specific.
502122131971July 11, 20045.2-CURRENT after the introduction of the KDB debugger framework, the conversion of DDB into a backend and the introduction of the GDB backend.
502123132025July 12, 20045.2-CURRENT after change to make VFS_ROOT take a struct thread argument as does vflush. Struct kinfo_proc now has a user data pointer. The switch of the default X implementation to xorg was also made at this time.
502124132597July 24, 20045.2-CURRENT after the change to separate the way ports rc.d and legacy scripts are started.
502125132726July 28, 20045.2-CURRENT after the backout of the previous change.
502126132914July 31, 20045.2-CURRENT after the removal of kmem_alloc_pageable() and the import of gcc 3.4.2.
502127132991August 2, 20045.2-CURRENT after changing the UMA kernel API to allow ctors/inits to fail.
502128133306August 8, 20045.2-CURRENT after the change of the vfs_mount signature as well as global replacement of PRISON_ROOT with SUSER_ALLOWJAIL for the suser(9) API.
503000134189August 23, 20045.3-BETA/RC before the pfil API change
503001135580September 22, 20045.3-RELEASE
503100136595October 16, 20045.3-STABLE after branching for RELENG_5_3
503101138459December 3, 20045.3-STABLE after addition of glibc style strftime(3) padding options.
503102141788February 13, 20055.3-STABLE after OpenBSD's nc(1) import MFC.
503103142639February 27, 20055.4-PRERELEASE after the MFC of the fixes in <src/include/stdbool.h> and <src/sys/i386/include/_types.h> for using the GCC-compatibility of the Intel C/C++ compiler.
503104142835February 28, 20055.4-PRERELEASE after the MFC of the change of ifi_epoch from wall clock time to uptime.
503105143029March 2, 20055.4-PRERELEASE after the MFC of the fix of EOVERFLOW check in vswprintf(3).
504000144575April 3, 20055.4-RELEASE.
504100144581April 3, 20055.4-STABLE after branching for RELENG_5_4
504101146105May 11, 20055.4-STABLE after increasing the default thread stacksizes
504102504101June 24, 20055.4-STABLE after the addition of sha256
504103150892October 3, 20055.4-STABLE after the MFC of if_bridge
504104152370November 13, 20055.4-STABLE after the MFC of bsdiff and portsnap
504105154464January 17, 20065.4-STABLE after MFC of ldconfig_local_dirs change.
505000158481May 12, 20065.5-RELEASE.
505100158482May 12, 20065.5-STABLE after branching for RELENG_5_5

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