18.8. FreeBSD 6 Versions

Table 18.8. FreeBSD 6 __FreeBSD_version Values
600000133921August 18, 20046.0-CURRENT
600001134396August 27, 20046.0-CURRENT after permanently enabling PFIL_HOOKS in the kernel.
600002134514August 30, 20046.0-CURRENT after initial addition of ifi_epoch to struct if_data. Backed out after a few days. Do not use this value.
600003134933September 8, 20046.0-CURRENT after the re-addition of the ifi_epoch member of struct if_data.
600004135920September 29, 20046.0-CURRENT after addition of the struct inpcb argument to the pfil API.
600005136172October 5, 20046.0-CURRENT after addition of the "-d DESTDIR" argument to newsyslog.
600006137192November 4, 20046.0-CURRENT after addition of glibc style strftime(3) padding options.
600007138760December 12, 20046.0-CURRENT after addition of 802.11 framework updates.
600008140809January 25, 20056.0-CURRENT after changes to VOP_*VOBJECT() functions and introduction of MNTK_MPSAFE flag for Giantfree filesystems.
600009141250February 4, 20056.0-CURRENT after addition of the cpufreq framework and drivers.
600010141394February 6, 20056.0-CURRENT after importing OpenBSD's nc(1).
600011141727February 12, 20056.0-CURRENT after removing semblance of SVID2 matherr() support.
600012141940February 15, 20056.0-CURRENT after increase of default thread stacks' size.
600013142089February 19, 20056.0-CURRENT after fixes in <src/include/stdbool.h> and <src/sys/i386/include/_types.h> for using the GCC-compatibility of the Intel C/C++ compiler.
600014142184February 21, 20056.0-CURRENT after EOVERFLOW checks in vswprintf(3) fixed.
600015142501February 25, 20056.0-CURRENT after changing the struct if_data member, ifi_epoch, from wall clock time to uptime.
600016142582February 26, 20056.0-CURRENT after LC_CTYPE disk format changed.
600017142683February 27, 20056.0-CURRENT after NLS catalogs disk format changed.
600018142686February 27, 20056.0-CURRENT after LC_COLLATE disk format changed.
600019142752February 28, 2005Installation of acpica includes into /usr/include.
600020143308March 9, 2005Addition of MSG_NOSIGNAL flag to send(2) API.
600021143746March 17, 2005Addition of fields to cdevsw
600022143901March 21, 2005Removed gtar from base system.
600023144980April 13, 2005LOCAL_CREDS, LOCAL_CONNWAIT socket options added to unix(4).
600024145565April 19, 2005hwpmc(4) and related tools added to 6.0-CURRENT.
600025145565April 26, 2005struct icmphdr added to 6.0-CURRENT.
600026145843May 3, 2005pf updated to 3.7.
600027145966May 6, 2005Kernel libalias and ng_nat introduced.
600028146191May 13, 2005POSIX ttyname_r(3) made available through unistd.h and libc.
600029146780May 29, 20056.0-CURRENT after libpcap updated to v0.9.1 alpha 096.
600030146988June 5, 20056.0-CURRENT after importing NetBSD's if_bridge(4).
600031147256June 10, 20056.0-CURRENT after struct ifnet was broken out of the driver softcs.
600032147898July 11, 20056.0-CURRENT after the import of libpcap v0.9.1.
600033148388July 25, 20056.0-STABLE after bump of all shared library versions that had not been changed since RELENG_5.
600034149040August 13, 20056.0-STABLE after credential argument is added to dev_clone event handler. 6.0-RELEASE.
600100151958November 1, 20056.0-STABLE after 6.0-RELEASE
600101153601December 21, 20056.0-STABLE after incorporating scripts from the local_startup directories into the base rcorder(8).
600102153912December 30, 20056.0-STABLE after updating the ELF types and constants.
600103154396January 15, 20066.0-STABLE after MFC of pidfile(3) API.
600104154453January 17, 20066.0-STABLE after MFC of ldconfig_local_dirs change.
600105156019February 26, 20066.0-STABLE after NLS catalog support of csh(1).
601000158330May 6, 20066.1-RELEASE
601100158331May 6, 20066.1-STABLE after 6.1-RELEASE.
601101159861June 22, 20066.1-STABLE after the import of csup.
601102160253July 11, 20066.1-STABLE after the iwi(4) update.
601103160429July 17, 20066.1-STABLE after the resolver update to BIND9, and exposure of reentrant version of netdb functions.
601104161098August 8, 20066.1-STABLE after DSO (dynamic shared objects) support has been enabled in OpenSSL.
601105161900September 2, 20066.1-STABLE after 802.11 fixups changed the api for the IEEE80211_IOC_STA_INFO ioctl.
602000164312November 15, 20066.2-RELEASE
602100162329September 15, 20066.2-STABLE after 6.2-RELEASE.
602101165122December 12, 20066.2-STABLE after the addition of Wi-Spy quirk.
602102165596December 28, 20066.2-STABLE after pci_find_extcap() addition.
602103166039January 16, 20076.2-STABLE after MFC of dlsym change to look for a requested symbol both in specified dso and its implicit dependencies.
602104166314January 28, 20076.2-STABLE after MFC of ng_deflate(4) and ng_pred1(4) netgraph nodes and new compression and encryption modes for ng_ppp(4) node.
602105166840February 20, 20076.2-STABLE after MFC of BSD licensed version of gzip(1) ported from NetBSD.
602106168133March 31, 20076.2-STABLE after MFC of PCI MSI and MSI-X support.
602107168438April 6, 20076.2-STABLE after MFC of ncurses 5.6 and wide character support.
602108168611April 11, 20076.2-STABLE after MFC of CAM 'SG' peripheral device, which implements a subset of Linux SCSI SG passthrough device API.
602109168805April 17, 20076.2-STABLE after MFC of readline 5.2 patchset 002.
602110169222May 2, 20076.2-STABLE after MFC of pmap_invalidate_cache(), pmap_change_attr(), pmap_mapbios(), pmap_mapdev_attr(), and pmap_unmapbios() for amd64 and i386.
602111170556June 11, 20076.2-STABLE after MFC of BOP_BDFLUSH and caused breakage of the filesystem modules KBI.
602112172284September 21, 20076.2-STABLE after libutil(3) MFC's.
602113172986October 25, 20076.2-STABLE after MFC of wide and single byte ctype separation. Newly compiled binary that references to ctype.h may require a new symbol, __mb_sb_limit, which is not available on older systems.
602114173170October 30, 20076.2-STABLE after ctype ABI forward compatibility restored.
602115173794November 21, 20076.2-STABLE after back out of wide and single byte ctype separation.
603000173897November 25, 20076.3-RELEASE
603100173891November 25, 20076.3-STABLE after 6.3-RELEASE.
(not changed)174434December 7, 20076.3-STABLE after fixing multibyte type support in bit macro.
603102178459April 24, 20086.3-STABLE after adding l_sysid to struct flock.
603103179367May 27, 20086.3-STABLE after MFC of the memrchr(3) function.
603104179810June 15, 20086.3-STABLE after MFC of support for :u variable modifier in make(1).
604000183583October 4, 20086.4-RELEASE
604100183584October 4, 20086.4-STABLE after 6.4-RELEASE.

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