18.7. FreeBSD 7 Versions

Table 18.7. FreeBSD 7 __FreeBSD_version Values
700000147925July 11, 20057.0-CURRENT.
700001148341July 23, 20057.0-CURRENT after bump of all shared library versions that had not been changed since RELENG_5.
700002149039August 13, 20057.0-CURRENT after credential argument is added to dev_clone event handler.
700003149470August 25, 20057.0-CURRENT after memmem(3) is added to libc.
700004151888October 30, 20057.0-CURRENT after solisten(9) kernel arguments are modified to accept a backlog parameter.
700005152296November 11, 20057.0-CURRENT after IFP2ENADDR() was changed to return a pointer to IF_LLADDR().
700006152315November 11, 20057.0-CURRENT after addition of if_addr member to struct ifnet and IFP2ENADDR() removal.
700007153027December 2, 20057.0-CURRENT after incorporating scripts from the local_startup directories into the base rcorder(8).
700008153107December 5, 20057.0-CURRENT after removal of MNT_NODEV mount option.
700009153519December 19, 20057.0-CURRENT after ELF-64 type changes and symbol versioning.
700010153579December 20, 20057.0-CURRENT after addition of hostb and vgapci drivers, addition of pci_find_extcap(), and changing the AGP drivers to no longer map the aperture.
700011153936December 31, 20057.0-CURRENT after tv_sec was made time_t on all platforms but Alpha.
700012154114January 8, 20067.0-CURRENT after ldconfig_local_dirs change.
700013154269January 12, 20067.0-CURRENT after changes to /etc/rc.d/abi to support /compat/linux/etc/ld.so.cache being a symlink in a readonly filesystem.
700014154863January 26, 20067.0-CURRENT after pts import.
700015157144March 26, 20067.0-CURRENT after the introduction of version 2 of hwpmc(4)'s ABI.
700016157962April 22, 20067.0-CURRENT after addition of fcloseall(3) to libc.
700017158513May 13, 20067.0-CURRENT after removal of ip6fw.
700018160386July 15, 20067.0-CURRENT after import of snd_emu10kx.
700019160821July 29, 20067.0-CURRENT after import of OpenSSL 0.9.8b.
700020161931September 3, 20067.0-CURRENT after addition of bus_dma_get_tag function
700021162023September 4, 20067.0-CURRENT after libpcap 0.9.4 and tcpdump 3.9.4 import.
700022162170September 9, 20067.0-CURRENT after dlsym change to look for a requested symbol both in specified dso and its implicit dependencies.
700023162588September 23, 20067.0-CURRENT after adding new sound IOCTLs for the OSSv4 mixer API.
700024162919September 28, 20067.0-CURRENT after import of OpenSSL 0.9.8d.
700025164190November 11, 20067.0-CURRENT after the addition of libelf.
700026164614November 26, 20067.0-CURRENT after major changes on sound sysctls.
700027164770November 30, 20067.0-CURRENT after the addition of Wi-Spy quirk.
700028165242December 15, 20067.0-CURRENT after the addition of sctp calls to libc
700029166259January 26, 20077.0-CURRENT after the GNU gzip(1) implementation was replaced with a BSD licensed version ported from NetBSD.
700030166549February 7, 20077.0-CURRENT after the removal of IPIP tunnel encapsulation (VIFF_TUNNEL) from the IPv4 multicast forwarding code.
700031166907February 23, 20077.0-CURRENT after the modification of bus_setup_intr() (newbus).
700032167165March 2, 20077.0-CURRENT after the inclusion of ipw(4) and iwi(4) firmware.
700033167360March 9, 20077.0-CURRENT after the inclusion of ncurses wide character support.
700034167684March 19, 20077.0-CURRENT after changes to how insmntque(), getnewvnode(), and vfs_hash_insert() work.
700035167906March 26, 20077.0-CURRENT after addition of a notify mechanism for CPU frequency changes.
700036168413April 6, 20077.0-CURRENT after import of the ZFS filesystem.
700037168504April 8, 20077.0-CURRENT after addition of CAM 'SG' peripheral device, which implements a subset of Linux SCSI SG passthrough device API.
700038169151April 30, 20077.0-CURRENT after changing getenv(3), putenv(3), setenv(3) and unsetenv(3) to be POSIX conformant.
700039169190May 1, 20077.0-CURRENT after the changes in 700038 were backed out.
700040169453May 10, 20077.0-CURRENT after the addition of flopen(3) to libutil.
700041169526May 13, 20077.0-CURRENT after enabling symbol versioning, and changing the default thread library to libthr.
700042169758May 19, 20077.0-CURRENT after the import of gcc 4.2.0.
700043169830May 21, 20077.0-CURRENT after bump of all shared library versions that had not been changed since RELENG_6.
700044170395June 7, 20077.0-CURRENT after changing the argument for vn_open()/VOP_OPEN() from file descriptor index to the struct file *.
700045170510June 10, 20077.0-CURRENT after changing pam_nologin(8) to provide an account management function instead of an authentication function to the PAM framework.
700046170530June 11, 20077.0-CURRENT after updated 802.11 wireless support.
700047170579June 11, 20077.0-CURRENT after adding TCP LRO interface capabilities.
700048170613June 12, 20077.0-CURRENT after RFC 3678 API support added to the IPv4 stack. Legacy RFC 1724 behavior of the IP_MULTICAST_IF ioctl has now been removed; may no longer be used to specify an interface index. Use struct ipmreqn instead.
700049171175July 3, 20077.0-CURRENT after importing pf from OpenBSD 4.1
(not changed)171167 7.0-CURRENT after adding IPv6 support for FAST_IPSEC, deleting KAME IPSEC, and renaming FAST_IPSEC to IPSEC.
700050171195July 4, 20077.0-CURRENT after converting setenv/putenv/etc. calls from traditional BSD to POSIX.
700051171211July 4, 20077.0-CURRENT after adding new mmap/lseek/etc syscalls.
700052171275July 6, 20077.0-CURRENT after moving I4B headers to include/i4b.
700053172394September 30, 20077.0-CURRENT after the addition of support for PCI domains
700054172988October 25, 20077.0-STABLE after MFC of wide and single byte ctype separation.
700055173104October 28, 20077.0-RELEASE, and 7.0-CURRENT after ABI backwards compatibility to the FreeBSD 4/5/6 versions of the PCIOCGETCONF, PCIOCREAD and PCIOCWRITE IOCTLs was MFCed, which required the ABI of the PCIOCGETCONF IOCTL to be broken again
700100174864December 22, 20077.0-STABLE after 7.0-RELEASE
700101176111February 8, 20087.0-STABLE after the MFC of m_collapse().
700102177735March 30, 20087.0-STABLE after the MFC of kdb_enter_why().
700103178061April 10, 20087.0-STABLE after adding l_sysid to struct flock.
700104178108April 11, 20087.0-STABLE after the MFC of procstat(1).
700105178120April 11, 20087.0-STABLE after the MFC of umtx features.
700106178225April 15, 20087.0-STABLE after the MFC of write(2) support to psm(4).
700107178353April 20, 20087.0-STABLE after the MFC of F_DUP2FD command to fcntl(2).
700108178783May 5, 20087.0-STABLE after some lockmgr(9) changes, which makes it necessary to include sys/lock.h to use lockmgr(9).
700109179367May 27, 20087.0-STABLE after MFC of the memrchr(3) function.
700110181328August 5, 20087.0-STABLE after MFC of kernel NFS lockd client.
700111181940August 20, 20087.0-STABLE after addition of physically contiguous jumbo frame support.
700112182294August 27, 20087.0-STABLE after MFC of kernel DTrace support.
701000185315November 25, 20087.1-RELEASE
701100185302November 25, 20087.1-STABLE after 7.1-RELEASE.
701101187023January 10, 20097.1-STABLE after strndup(3) merge.
701102187370January 17, 20097.1-STABLE after cpuctl(4) support added.
701103188281February 7, 20097.1-STABLE after the merge of multi-/no-IPv4/v6 jails.
701104188625February 14, 20097.1-STABLE after the store of the suspension owner in the struct mount, and introduction of vfs_susp_clean method into the struct vfsops.
701105189740March 12, 20097.1-STABLE after the incompatible change to the kern.ipc.shmsegs sysctl to allow allocating larger SysV shared memory segments on 64bit architectures.
701106189786March 14, 20097.1-STABLE after the merge of a fix for POSIX semaphore wait operations.
702000191099April 15, 20097.2-RELEASE
702100191091April 15, 20097.2-STABLE after 7.2-RELEASE.
702101192149May 15, 20097.2-STABLE after ichsmb(4) was changed to use left-adjusted slave addressing to match other SMBus controller drivers.
702102193020May 28, 20097.2-STABLE after MFC of the fdopendir(3) function.
702103193638June 6, 20097.2-STABLE after MFC of PmcTools.
702104195694July 14, 20097.2-STABLE after MFC of the closefrom(2) system call.
702105196006July 31, 20097.2-STABLE after MFC of the SYSVIPC ABI change.
702106197198September 14, 20097.2-STABLE after MFC of the x86 PAT enhancements and addition of d_mmap_single() and the scatter/gather list VM object type.
703000203740February 9, 20107.3-RELEASE
703100203742February 9, 20107.3-STABLE after 7.3-RELEASE.
704000216647December 22, 20107.4-RELEASE
704100216658December 22, 20107.4-STABLE after 7.4-RELEASE.
704101221318May 2, 20117.4-STABLE after the gcc MFC in rev 221317.

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