18.6. FreeBSD 8 Versions

Table 18.6. FreeBSD 8 __FreeBSD_version Values
800000172531October 11, 20078.0-CURRENT. Separating wide and single byte ctype.
800001172688October 16, 20078.0-CURRENT after libpcap 0.9.8 and tcpdump 3.9.8 import.
800002172841October 21, 20078.0-CURRENT after renaming kthread_create(9) and friends to kproc_create(9) etc.
800003172932October 24, 20078.0-CURRENT after ABI backwards compatibility to the FreeBSD 4/5/6 versions of the PCIOCGETCONF, PCIOCREAD and PCIOCWRITE IOCTLs was added, which required the ABI of the PCIOCGETCONF IOCTL to be broken again
800004173573November 12, 20078.0-CURRENT after agp(4) driver moved from src/sys/pci to src/sys/dev/agp
800005174261December 4, 20078.0-CURRENT after changes to the jumbo frame allocator (rev 174247).
800006174399December 7, 20078.0-CURRENT after the addition of callgraph capture functionality to hwpmc(4).
800007174901December 25, 20078.0-CURRENT after kdb_enter() gains a "why" argument.
800008174951December 28, 20078.0-CURRENT after LK_EXCLUPGRADE option removal.
800009175168January 9, 20088.0-CURRENT after introduction of lockmgr_disown(9)
800010175204January 10, 20088.0-CURRENT after the vn_lock(9) prototype change.
800011175295January 13, 20088.0-CURRENT after the VOP_LOCK(9) and VOP_UNLOCK(9) prototype changes.
800012175487January 19, 20088.0-CURRENT after introduction of lockmgr_recursed(9), BUF_RECURSED(9) and BUF_ISLOCKED(9) and the removal of BUF_REFCNT().
800013175581January 23, 20088.0-CURRENT after introduction of the ASCII encoding.
800014175636January 24, 20088.0-CURRENT after changing the prototype of lockmgr(9) and removal of lockcount() and LOCKMGR_ASSERT().
800015175688January 26, 20088.0-CURRENT after extending the types of the fts(3) structures.
800016175872February 1, 20088.0-CURRENT after adding an argument to MEXTADD(9)
800017176015February 6, 20088.0-CURRENT after the introduction of LK_NODUP and LK_NOWITNESS options in the lockmgr(9) space.
800018176112February 8, 20088.0-CURRENT after the addition of m_collapse.
800019176124February 9, 20088.0-CURRENT after the addition of current working directory, root directory, and jail directory support to the kern.proc.filedesc sysctl.
800020176251February 13, 20088.0-CURRENT after introduction of lockmgr_assert(9) and BUF_ASSERT functions.
800021176321February 15, 20088.0-CURRENT after introduction of lockmgr_args(9) and LK_INTERNAL flag removal.
800022176556(backed out)8.0-CURRENT after changing the default system ar to BSD ar(1).
800023176560February 25, 20088.0-CURRENT after changing the prototypes of lockstatus(9) and VOP_ISLOCKED(9), more specifically retiring the struct thread argument.
800024176709March 1, 20088.0-CURRENT after axing out the lockwaiters and BUF_LOCKWAITERS functions, changing the return value of brelvp from void to int and introducing new flags for lockinit(9).
800025176958March 8, 20088.0-CURRENT after adding F_DUP2FD command to fcntl(2).
800026177086March 12, 20088.0-CURRENT after changing the priority parameter to cv_broadcastpri such that 0 means no priority.
800027177551March 24, 20088.0-CURRENT after changing the bpf monitoring ABI when zerocopy bpf buffers were added.
800028177637March 26, 20088.0-CURRENT after adding l_sysid to struct flock.
800029177688March 28, 20088.0-CURRENT after reintegration of the BUF_LOCKWAITERS function and the addition of lockmgr_waiters(9).
800030177844April 1, 20088.0-CURRENT after the introduction of the rw_try_rlock(9) and rw_try_wlock(9) functions.
800031177958April 6, 20088.0-CURRENT after the introduction of the lockmgr_rw and lockmgr_args_rw functions.
800032178006April 8, 20088.0-CURRENT after the implementation of the openat and related syscalls, introduction of the O_EXEC flag for the open(2), and providing the corresponding linux compatibility syscalls.
800033178017April 8, 20088.0-CURRENT after added write(2) support for psm(4) in native operation level. Now arbitrary commands can be written to /dev/psm%d and status can be read back from it.
800034178051April 10, 20088.0-CURRENT after introduction of the memrchr function.
800035178256April 16, 20088.0-CURRENT after introduction of the fdopendir function.
800036178362April 20, 20088.0-CURRENT after switchover of 802.11 wireless to multi-bss support (aka vaps).
800037178892May 9, 20088.0-CURRENT after addition of multi routing table support (aka setfib(1), setfib(2)).
800038179316May 26, 20088.0-CURRENT after removal of netatm and ISDN4BSD. Also, the addition of the Compact C Type (CTF) tools.
800039179784June 14, 20088.0-CURRENT after removal of sgtty.
800040180025June 26, 20088.0-CURRENT with kernel NFS lockd client.
800041180691July 22, 20088.0-CURRENT after addition of arc4random_buf(3) and arc4random_uniform(3).
800042181439August 8, 20088.0-CURRENT after addition of cpuctl(4).
800043181694August 13, 20088.0-CURRENT after changing bpf(4) to use a single device node, instead of device cloning.
800044181803August 17, 20088.0-CURRENT after the commit of the first step of the vimage project renaming global variables to be virtualized with a V_ prefix with macros to map them back to their global names.
800045181905August 20, 20088.0-CURRENT after the integration of the MPSAFE TTY layer, including changes to various drivers and utilities that interact with it.
800046182869September 8, 20088.0-CURRENT after the separation of the GDT per CPU on amd64 architecture.
800047182905September 10, 20088.0-CURRENT after removal of VSVTX, VSGID and VSUID.
800048183091September 16, 20088.0-CURRENT after converting the kernel NFS mount code to accept individual mount options in the nmount(2) iovec, not just one big struct nfs_args.
800049183114September 17, 20088.0-CURRENT after the removal of suser(9) and suser_cred(9).
800050184099October 20, 20088.0-CURRENT after buffer cache API change.
800051184205October 23, 20088.0-CURRENT after the removal of the MALLOC(9) and FREE(9) macros.
800052184419October 28, 20088.0-CURRENT after the introduction of accmode_t and renaming of VOP_ACCESS 'a_mode' argument to 'a_accmode'.
800053184555November 2, 20088.0-CURRENT after the prototype change of vfs_busy(9) and the introduction of its MBF_NOWAIT and MBF_MNTLSTLOCK flags.
800054185162November 22, 20088.0-CURRENT after the addition of buf_ring, memory barriers and ifnet functions to facilitate multiple hardware transmit queues for cards that support them, and a lockless ring-buffer implementation to enable drivers to more efficiently manage queuing of packets.
800055185363November 27, 20088.0-CURRENT after the addition of Intel™ Core, Core2, and Atom support to hwpmc(4).
800056185435November 29, 20088.0-CURRENT after the introduction of multi-/no-IPv4/v6 jails.
800057185522December 1, 20088.0-CURRENT after the switch to the ath hal source code.
800058185968December 12, 20088.0-CURRENT after the introduction of the VOP_VPTOCNP operation.
800059186119December 15, 20088.0-CURRENT incorporates the new arp-v2 rewrite.
800060186344December 19, 20088.0-CURRENT after the addition of makefs.
800061187289January 15, 20098.0-CURRENT after TCP Appropriate Byte Counting.
800062187830January 28, 20098.0-CURRENT after removal of minor(), minor2unit(), unit2minor(), etc.
800063188745February 18, 20098.0-CURRENT after GENERIC config change to use the USB2 stack, but also the addition of fdevname(3).
800064188946February 23, 20098.0-CURRENT after the USB2 stack is moved to and replaces dev/usb.
800065189092February 26, 20098.0-CURRENT after the renaming of all functions in libmp(3).
800066189110February 27, 20098.0-CURRENT after changing USB devfs handling and layout.
800067189136February 28, 20098.0-CURRENT after adding getdelim(), getline(), stpncpy(), strnlen(), wcsnlen(), wcscasecmp(), and wcsncasecmp().
800068189276March 2, 20098.0-CURRENT after renaming the ushub devclass to uhub.
800069189585March 9, 20098.0-CURRENT after libusb20.so.1 was renamed to libusb.so.1.
800070189592March 9, 20098.0-CURRENT after merging IGMPv3 and Source-Specific Multicast (SSM) to the IPv4 stack.
800071189825March 14, 20098.0-CURRENT after gcc was patched to use C99 inline semantics in c99 and gnu99 mode.
800072189853March 15, 20098.0-CURRENT after the IFF_NEEDSGIANT flag has been removed; non-MPSAFE network device drivers are no longer supported.
800073190265March 18, 20098.0-CURRENT after the dynamic string token substitution has been implemented for rpath and needed paths.
800074190373March 24, 20098.0-CURRENT after tcpdump 4.0.0 and libpcap 1.0.0 import.
800075190787April 6, 20098.0-CURRENT after layout of structs vnet_net, vnet_inet and vnet_ipfw has been changed.
800076190866April 9, 20098.0-CURRENT after adding delay profiles in dummynet.
800077190914April 14, 20098.0-CURRENT after removing VOP_LEASE() and vop_vector.vop_lease.
800078191080April 15, 20098.0-CURRENT after struct rt_weight fields have been added to struct rt_metrics and struct rt_metrics_lite, changing the layout of struct rt_metrics_lite. A bump to RTM_VERSION was made, but backed out.
800079191117April 15, 20098.0-CURRENT after struct llentry pointers are added to struct route and struct route_in6.
800080191126April 15, 20098.0-CURRENT after layout of struct inpcb has been changed.
800081191267April 19, 20098.0-CURRENT after the layout of struct malloc_type has been changed.
800082191368April 21, 20098.0-CURRENT after the layout of struct ifnet has changed, and with if_ref() and if_rele() ifnet refcounting.
800083191389April 22, 20098.0-CURRENT after the implementation of a low-level Bluetooth HCI API.
800084191672April 29, 20098.0-CURRENT after IPv6 SSM and MLDv2 changes.
800085191688April 30, 20098.0-CURRENT after enabling support for VIMAGE kernel builds with one active image.
800086191910May 8, 20098.0-CURRENT after adding support for input lines of arbitrarily length in patch(1).
800087191990May 11, 20098.0-CURRENT after some VFS KPI changes. The thread argument has been removed from the FSD parts of the VFS. VFS_* functions do not need the context any more because it always refers to curthread. In some special cases, the old behavior is retained.
800088192470May 20, 20098.0-CURRENT after net80211 monitor mode changes.
800089192649May 23, 20098.0-CURRENT after adding UDP control block support.
800090192669May 23, 20098.0-CURRENT after virtualizing interface cloning.
800091192895May 27, 20098.0-CURRENT after adding hierarchical jails and removing global securelevel.
800092193011May 29, 20098.0-CURRENT after changing sx_init_flags() KPI. The SX_ADAPTIVESPIN is retired and a new SX_NOADAPTIVE flag is introduced to handle the reversed logic.
800093193047May 29, 20098.0-CURRENT after adding mnt_xflag to struct mount.
800094193093May 30, 20098.0-CURRENT after adding VOP_ACCESSX(9).
800095193096May 30, 20098.0-CURRENT after changing the polling KPI. The polling handlers now return the number of packets processed. A new IFCAP_POLLING_NOCOUNT is also introduced to specify that the return value is not significant and the counting should be skipped.
800096193219June 1, 20098.0-CURRENT after updating to the new netisr implementation and after changing the way we store and access FIBs.
800097193731June 8, 20098.0-CURRENT after the introduction of vnet destructor hooks and infrastructure.
(not changed)194012June 11, 20098.0-CURRENT after the introduction of netgraph outbound to inbound path call detection and queuing, which also changed the layout of struct thread.
800098194210June 14, 20098.0-CURRENT after OpenSSL 0.9.8k import.
800099194675June 22, 20098.0-CURRENT after NGROUPS update and moving route virtualization into its own VImage module.
800100194920June 24, 20098.0-CURRENT after SYSVIPC ABI change.
800101195175June 29, 20098.0-CURRENT after the removal of the /dev/net/* per-interface character devices.
800102195634July 12, 20098.0-CURRENT after padding was added to struct sackhint, struct tcpcb, and struct tcpstat.
800103195654July 13, 20098.0-CURRENT after replacing struct tcpopt with struct toeopt in the TOE driver interface to the TCP syncache.
800104195699July 14, 20098.0-CURRENT after the addition of the linker-set based per-vnet allocator.
800105195767July 19, 20098.0-CURRENT after version bump for all shared libraries that do not have symbol versioning turned on.
800106195852July 24, 20098.0-CURRENT after introduction of OBJT_SG VM object type.
800107196037August 2, 20098.0-CURRENT after making the newbus subsystem Giant free by adding the newbus sxlock and 8.0-RELEASE.
800108199627November 21, 20098.0-STABLE after implementing EVFILT_USER kevent filter.
800500201749January 7, 20108.0-STABLE after __FreeBSD_version bump to make pkg_add -r use packages-8-stable.
800501202922January 24, 20108.0-STABLE after change of the scandir(3) and alphasort(3) prototypes to conform to SUSv4.
800502203299January 31, 20108.0-STABLE after addition of sigpause(2).
800503204344February 25, 20108.0-STABLE after addition of SIOCGIFDESCR and SIOCSIFDESCR ioctls to network interfaces. These ioctl can be used to manipulate interface description, as inspired by OpenBSD.
800504204546March 1, 20108.0-STABLE after MFC of importing x86emu, a software emulator for real mode x86 CPU from OpenBSD.
800505208259May 18, 20108.0-STABLE after MFC of adding liblzma, xz, xzdec, and lzmainfo.
801000209150June 14, 20108.1-RELEASE
801500209146June 14, 20108.1-STABLE after 8.1-RELEASE.
801501214762November 3, 20108.1-STABLE after KBI change in struct sysentvec, and implementation of PL_FLAG_SCE/SCX/EXEC/SI and pl_siginfo for ptrace(PT_LWPINFO) .
802000216639December 22, 20108.2-RELEASE
802500216654December 22, 20108.2-STABLE after 8.2-RELEASE.
802501219107February 28, 20118.2-STABLE after merging DTrace changes, including support for userland tracing.
802502219324March 6, 20118.2-STABLE after merging log2 and log2f into libm.
802503221275May 1, 20118.2-STABLE after upgrade of the gcc to the last GPLv2 version from the FSF gcc-4_2-branch.
802504222401May 28, 20118.2-STABLE after introduction of the KPI and supporting infrastructure for modular congestion control.
802505222406May 28, 20118.2-STABLE after introduction of Hhook and Khelp KPIs.
802506222408May 28, 20118.2-STABLE after addition of OSD to struct tcpcb.
802507222741June 6, 20118.2-STABLE after ZFS v28 import.
802508222846June 8, 20118.2-STABLE after removal of the schedtail event handler and addition of the sv_schedtail method to struct sysvec.
802509224017July 14, 20118.2-STABLE after merging the SSSE3 support into binutils.
802510224214July 19, 20118.2-STABLE after addition of RFTSIGZMB flag for rfork(2).
802511225458September 9, 20118.2-STABLE after addition of automatic detection of USB mass storage devices which do not support the no synchronize cache SCSI command.
802512225470September 10, 20118.2-STABLE after merging of re-factoring of auto-quirk.
802513226763October 25, 20118.2-STABLE after merging of the MAP_PREFAULT_READ flag to mmap(2).
802514227573November 16, 20118.2-STABLE after merging of addition of posix_fallocate(2) syscall.
802515229725January 6, 20128.2-STABLE after merging of addition of the posix_fadvise(2) system call.
802516230239January 16, 20128.2-STABLE after merging gperf 3.0.3
802517231769February 15, 20128.2-STABLE after introduction of the new extensible sysctl(3) interface NET_RT_IFLISTL to query address lists.
803000232446March 3, 20128.3-RELEASE.
803500232439March 3, 20128.3-STABLE after branching releng/8.3 (RELENG_8_3).
803501247091February 21, 20138.3-STABLE after MFC of two USB fixes (rev 246616 and 246759).
804000248850March 28, 20138.4-RELEASE.
804500248819March 28, 20138.4-STABLE after 8.4-RELEASE.
804501259449December 16, 20138.4-STABLE after MFC of upstream Heimdal encoding fix.
804502265123April 30, 20148.4-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:08.tcp.
804503268444July 9, 20148.4-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:17.kmem.
804504271341September 9, 20148.4-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:18 (rev 271305).
804505271686September 16, 20148.4-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:19 (rev 271668).
804506273432October 21, 20148.4-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:21 (rev 273413).
804507274162November 4, 20148.4-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:23, FreeBSD-SA-14:24, and FreeBSD-SA-14:25.
804508279287February 25, 20158-STABLE after FreeBSD-EN-15:01.vt, FreeBSD-EN-15:02.openssl, FreeBSD-EN-15:03.freebsd-update, FreeBSD-SA-15:04.igmp, and FreeBSD-SA-15:05.bind.
804509305736September 12, 20168-STABLE after resolving a deadlock between device_detach() and usbd_do_request_flags(9).

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