18.5. FreeBSD 9 Versions

Table 18.5. FreeBSD 9 __FreeBSD_version Values
900000196432August 22, 20099.0-CURRENT.
900001197019September 8, 20099.0-CURRENT after importing x86emu, a software emulator for real mode x86 CPU from OpenBSD.
900002197430September 23, 20099.0-CURRENT after implementing the EVFILT_USER kevent filter functionality.
900003200039December 2, 20099.0-CURRENT after addition of sigpause(2) and PIE support in csu.
900004200185December 6, 20099.0-CURRENT after addition of libulog and its libutempter compatibility interface.
900005200447December 12, 20099.0-CURRENT after addition of sleepq_sleepcnt(9), which can be used to query the number of waiters on a specific waiting queue.
900006201513January 4, 20109.0-CURRENT after change of the scandir(3) and alphasort(3) prototypes to conform to SUSv4.
900007202219January 13, 20109.0-CURRENT after the removal of utmp(5) and the addition of utmpx (see getutxent(3)) for improved logging of user logins and system events.
900008202722January 20, 20109.0-CURRENT after the import of BSDL bc/dc and the deprecation of GNU bc/dc.
900009203052January 26, 20109.0-CURRENT after the addition of SIOCGIFDESCR and SIOCSIFDESCR ioctls to network interfaces. These ioctl can be used to manipulate interface description, as inspired by OpenBSD.
900010205471March 22, 20109.0-CURRENT after the import of zlib 1.2.4.
900011207410April 24, 20109.0-CURRENT after adding soft-updates journalling.
900012207842May 10, 20109.0-CURRENT after adding liblzma, xz, xzdec, and lzmainfo.
900013208486May 24, 20109.0-CURRENT after bringing in USB fixes for linux(4).
900014208973June 10, 20109.0-CURRENT after adding Clang.
900015210390July 22, 20109.0-CURRENT after the import of BSD grep.
900016210565July 28, 20109.0-CURRENT after adding mti_zone to struct malloc_type_internal.
900017211701August 23, 20109.0-CURRENT after changing back default grep to GNU grep and adding WITH_BSD_GREP knob.
900018211735August 24, 20109.0-CURRENT after the pthread_kill(3) -generated signal is identified as SI_LWP in si_code. Previously, si_code was SI_USER.
900019211937August 28, 20109.0-CURRENT after addition of the MAP_PREFAULT_READ flag to mmap(2).
900020212381September 9, 20109.0-CURRENT after adding drain functionality to sbufs, which also changed the layout of struct sbuf.
900021212568September 13, 20109.0-CURRENT after DTrace has grown support for userland tracing.
900022213395October 2, 20109.0-CURRENT after addition of the BSDL man utilities and retirement of GNU/GPL man utilities.
900023213700October 11, 20109.0-CURRENT after updating xz to git 20101010 snapshot.
900024215127November 11, 20109.0-CURRENT after libgcc.a was replaced by libcompiler_rt.a.
900025215166November 12, 20109.0-CURRENT after the introduction of the modularised congestion control.
900026216088November 30, 20109.0-CURRENT after the introduction of Serial Management Protocol (SMP) passthrough and the XPT_SMP_IO and XPT_GDEV_ADVINFO CAM CCBs.
900027216212December 5, 20109.0-CURRENT after the addition of log2 to libm.
900028216615December 21, 20109.0-CURRENT after the addition of the Hhook (Helper Hook), Khelp (Kernel Helpers) and Object Specific Data (OSD) KPIs.
900029216758December 28, 20109.0-CURRENT after the modification of the TCP stack to allow Khelp modules to interact with it via helper hook points and store per-connection data in the TCP control block.
900030217309January 12, 20119.0-CURRENT after the update of libdialog to version 20100428.
900031218414February 7, 20119.0-CURRENT after the addition of pthread_getthreadid_np(3).
900032218425February 8, 20119.0-CURRENT after the removal of the uio_yield prototype and symbol.
900033218822February 18, 20119.0-CURRENT after the update of binutils to version 2.17.50.
900034219406March 8, 20119.0-CURRENT after the struct sysvec (sv_schedtail) changes.
900035220150March 29, 20119.0-CURRENT after the update of base gcc and libstdc++ to the last GPLv2 licensed revision.
900036220770April 18, 20119.0-CURRENT after the removal of libobjc and Objective-C support from the base system.
900037221862May 13, 20119.0-CURRENT after importing the libprocstat(3) library and fuser(1) utility to the base system.
900038222167May 22, 20119.0-CURRENT after adding a lock flag argument to VFS_FHTOVP(9).
900039223637June 28, 20119.0-CURRENT after importing pf from OpenBSD 4.5.
900040224217July 19, 2011Increase default MAXCPU for FreeBSD to 64 on amd64 and ia64 and to 128 for XLP (mips).
900041224834August 13, 20119.0-CURRENT after the implementation of Capsicum capabilities; fget(9) gains a rights argument.
900042225350August 28, 2011Bump shared libraries' version numbers for libraries whose ABI has changed in preparation for 9.0.
900043225350September 2, 2011Add automatic detection of USB mass storage devices which do not support the no synchronize cache SCSI command.
900044225469September 10, 2011Re-factor auto-quirk. 9.0-RELEASE.
900045229285January 2, 20129-STABLE after MFC of true/false from 1000002.
900500229318January 2, 20129.0-STABLE.
900501229723January 6, 20129.0-STABLE after merging of addition of the posix_fadvise(2) system call.
900502230237January 16, 20129.0-STABLE after merging gperf 3.0.3
900503231768February 15, 20129.0-STABLE after introduction of the new extensible sysctl(3) interface NET_RT_IFLISTL to query address lists.
900504232728March 3, 20129.0-STABLE after changes related to mounting of filesystem inside a jail.
900505232945March 13, 20129.0-STABLE after introduction of new tcp(4) socket options: TCP_KEEPINIT, TCP_KEEPIDLE, TCP_KEEPINTVL, and TCP_KEEPCNT.
900506235786May 22, 20129.0-STABLE after introduction of the quick_exit function and related changes required for C++11.
901000239082August 5, 20129.1-RELEASE.
901500239081August 6, 20129.1-STABLE after branching releng/9.1 (RELENG_9_1).
901501240659November 11, 20129.1-STABLE after LIST_PREV(3) added to queue.h (rev 242893) and KBI change in USB serial devices.
901502243656November 28, 20129.1-STABLE after USB serial jitter buffer requires rebuild of USB serial device modules.
901503247090February 21, 20139.1-STABLE after USB moved to the driver structure requiring a rebuild of all USB modules. Also indicates the presence of nmtree.
901504248338March 15, 20139.1-STABLE after install gained -l, -M, -N and related flags and cat gained the -l option.
901505251687June 13, 20139.1-STABLE after fixes in ctfmerge bootstrapping (rev 249243).
902001253912August 3, 2013releng/9.2 branched from stable/9.
902501253913August 2, 20139.2-STABLE after creation of releng/9.2 branch.
902502254938August 26, 20139.2-STABLE after inclusion of the PIM_RESCAN CAM path inquiry flag.
902503254979August 27, 20139.2-STABLE after inclusion of the SI_UNMAPPED cdev flag.
902504256917October 22, 20139.2-STABLE after inclusion of support for first boot rc(8) scripts.
902505259448December 12, 20139.2-STABLE after Heimdal encoding fix.
902506260136December 31, 20139-STABLE after MAP_STACK fixes (rev 260082).
902507262801March 5, 20149-STABLE after upgrade of libc++ to 3.4 release.
902508263171March 14, 20149-STABLE after merge of the Radeon KMS driver (rev 263170).
902509263509March 21, 20149-STABLE after upgrade of llvm/clang to 3.4 release.
902510263818March 27, 20149-STABLE after merge of the vt(4) driver.
902511264289March 27, 20149-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:06.openssl.
902512265123April 30, 20149-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:08.tcp.
903000267656June 20, 20149-RC1 releng/9.3 branch.
903500267657June 20, 20149.3-STABLE releng/9.3 branch.
903501268443July 8, 20149-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:17.kmem (rev 268433).
903502270175August 19, 20149-STABLE after SOCK_DGRAM bug fix (rev 269789).
903503271341September 9, 20149-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:18 (rev 269687).
903504271686September 16, 20149-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:19 (rev 271668).
903505273432October 21, 20149-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:20, FreeBSD-SA-14:21, and FreeBSD-SA-14:22 (rev 273412).
903506274162November 4, 20149-STABLE after FreeBSD-SA-14:23, FreeBSD-SA-14:24, and FreeBSD-SA-14:25.
903507275742December 13, 20149-STABLE after merging an important fix to the LLVM vectorizer, which could lead to buffer overruns in some cases.
903508279287February 25, 20159-STABLE after FreeBSD-EN-15:01.vt, FreeBSD-EN-15:02.openssl, FreeBSD-EN-15:03.freebsd-update, FreeBSD-SA-15:04.igmp, and FreeBSD-SA-15:05.bind.
903509296219February 29, 20169-STABLE after bumping the default value of compat.linux.osrelease to 2.6.18 to support the linux-c6-* ports out of the box.
903510300236May 19, 20169-STABLE after System Binary Interface (SBI) page was moved in latest version of Berkeley Boot Loader (BBL) due to code size increase in 300234.
903511305735September 12, 20169-STABLE after resolving a deadlock between device_detach() and usbd_do_request_flags(9).

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