Chapter 18. __FreeBSD_version Values

Table of Contents
18.1. FreeBSD 13 Versions
18.2. FreeBSD 12 Versions
18.3. FreeBSD 11 Versions
18.4. FreeBSD 10 Versions
18.5. FreeBSD 9 Versions
18.6. FreeBSD 8 Versions
18.7. FreeBSD 7 Versions
18.8. FreeBSD 6 Versions
18.9. FreeBSD 5 Versions
18.10. FreeBSD 4 Versions
18.11. FreeBSD 3 Versions
18.12. FreeBSD 2.2 Versions
18.13. FreeBSD 2 Before 2.2-RELEASE Versions

Here is a convenient list of __FreeBSD_version values as defined in sys/param.h:

18.1. FreeBSD 13 Versions

Table 18.1. FreeBSD 13 __FreeBSD_version Values
1300000339436October 19, 201813.0-CURRENT.
1300001339730October 25, 201813.0-CURRENT after bumping OpenSSL shared library version numbers.
1300002339765October 25, 201813.0-CURRENT after restoration of sys/joystick.h.
1300003340055November 2, 201813.0-CURRENT after vop_symlink API change (a_target is now const.)
1300004340841November 23, 201813.0-CURRENT after enabling crtbegin and crtend code.
1300005341836December 11, 201813.0-CURRENT after enabling UFS inode checksums.
1300006342398December 24, 201813.0-CURRENT after fixing sys/random.h include to be usable from C++.
1300007342629December 30, 201813.0-CURRENT after changing the size of struct linux_cdev on 32-bit platforms.
1300008342772January 4, 201913.0-CURRENT after adding kern.smp.threads_per_core and kern.smp.cores sysctls.
1300009343213January 20, 201913.0-CURRENT after struct ieee80211vap structure change to resolve ioctl/detach race for ieee80211com structure.
1300010343485January 27, 201913.0-CURRENT after increasing SPECNAMELEN from 63 to MAXNAMELEN (255).
1300011344041February 12, 201913.0-CURRENT after renameat(2) has been corrected to work with kernels built with the CAPABILITIES option.
1300012344062February 12, 201913.0-CURRENT after taskqgroup_attach() and taskqgroup_attach_cpu() take a device_t and a struct resource pointer as arguments for denoting device interrupts.
1300013344300February 19, 201913.0-CURRENT after the removal of drm and drm2.
1300014344779March 4, 201913.0-CURRENT after upgrading clang, llvm, lld, lldb, compiler-rt and libc++ to 8.0.0 rc3.
1300015345196March 15, 201913.0-CURRENT after deanonymizing thread and proc state enums, so userland applications can use them without redefining the value names.
1300016345236March 16, 201913.0-CURRENT after enabling LLVM OpenMP 8.0.0 rc5 on amd64 by default.
1300017345305March 19, 201913.0-CURRENT after exposing the Rx mbuf buffer size to drivers in iflib.
1300018346012March 16, 201913.0-CURRENT after introduction of funlinkat syscall in 345982.
1300019346282April 16, 201913.0-CURRENT after addition of is_random_seeded(9) to random(4).
1300020346358April 18, 201913.0-CURRENT after restoring random(4) availability tradeoff prior to 346250 and adding new tunables and diagnostic sysctls for programmatically discovering early seeding problems after boot.
1300021346645April 24, 201913.0-CURRENT after LinuxKPI uses bus_dma(9) to be compatible with an IOMMU.
1300022347089May 4, 201913.0-CURRENT after fixing regression issue after 346645 in the LinuxKPI.
1300023347192May 6, 201913.0-CURRENT after list-ifying kernel dump device configuration.
1300024347325May 8, 201913.0-CURRENT after bumping the Mellanox driver version numbers (mlx4en(4); mlx5en(4)).
1300025347532May 13, 201913.0-CURRENT after renaming vm.max_wired to vm.max_user_wired and changing its type.
1300026347596May 14, 201913.0-CURRENT after adding context member to ww_mutex in LinuxKPI.
1300027347601May 14, 201913.0-CURRENT after adding prepare to pm_ops in LinuxKPI.
1300028347925May 17, 201913.0-CURRENT after removal of bm, cs, de, ed, ep, ex, fe, pcn, sf, sn, tl, tx, txp, vx, wb, and xe drivers.
1300029347984May 20, 201913.0-CURRENT after removing some header pollution due to sys/eventhandler.h. Affected files may now need to explicitly include one or more of sys/eventhandler.h, sys/ktr.h, sys/lock.h, or sys/mutex.h, when the missing header may have been included implicitly prior to 1300029.
1300030348350May 29, 201913.0-CURRENT after adding relocation support to libdwarf on powerpc64 to fix handling of DWARF information on unlinked objects. Original commit in 348347.
1300031348808June 8, 201913.0-CURRENT after adding dpcpu and vnet section fixes to i386 kernel modules to avoid panics in certain conditions. i386 kernel modules need to be recompiled with the linker script magic in place or they will refuse to load.
1300032349151June 17, 201913.0-CURRENT after separating kernel crc32() implementation to its own header (gsb_crc32.h) and renaming the source to gsb_crc32.c.
1300033349277June 21, 201913.0-CURRENT after additions to LinuxKPI's RCU list.
1300034349352June 24, 201913.0-CURRENT after NAND and NANDFS removal.
1300035349846July 8, 201913.0-CURRENT after merging the vm_page hold and wire mechanisms.
1300036349972July 13, 201913.0-CURRENT after adding arm_drain_writebuf() and arm_sync_icache() for compatibility with NetBSD and OpenBSD.
1300037350307July 24, 201913.0-CURRENT after removal of libcap_random(3).
1300038350437July 30, 201913.0-CURRENT after removal of gzip'ed a.out support.
1300039350665August 7, 201913.0-CURRENT after merge of fusefs from projects/fuse2.
1300040351140August 16, 201913.0-CURRENT after deletion of sys/dir.h which has been deprecated since 1997.
(not changed)351423August 23, 201913.0-CURRENT after changing most arguments to ping6(8).
1300041351480August 25, 201913.0-CURRENT after removal of zlib 1.0.4 after the completion of kernel zlib unification.
1300042351522August 27, 201913.0-CURRENT after addition of kernel-side support for in-kernel TLS.
1300043351698September 2, 201913.0-CURRENT after removal of gets(3).
1300044351701September 2, 201913.0-CURRENT after adding sysfs create/remove functions that handles multiple files in one call to the LinuxKPI.
1300045351729September 3, 201913.0-CURRENT after adding sysctlbyname system call
1300046351937September 6, 201913.0-CURRENT after LinuxKPI sysfs improvements.
1300047352110September 9, 201913.0-CURRENT after changing the synchonization rules for vm_page reference counting..
1300048352700September 25, 201913.0-CURRENT after adding a shm_open2 syscall to support the upcoming memfd_create syscall.
1300049353274October 7, 201913.0-CURRENT after factoring out the VNET shutdown check into an own vnet structure field.
1300050353358October 9, 201913.0-CURRENT after updating llvm, clang, compiler-rt, libc++, libunwind, lld, lldb and openmp to 9.0.0 final release r372316.
1300051353685October 17, 201913.0-CURRENT after splitting out a more generic debugnet(4) from netdump(4).
1300052353698October 17, 201913.0-CURRENT after promoting the page busy field to a first class lock that no longer requires the object lock for consistency.
1300053353700October 17, 201913.0-CURRENT after implementing NetGDB.
1300054353868October 21, 201913.0-CURRENT after removing obsoleted KPIs that were used to access interface address lists.
1300055354335November 4, 201913.0-CURRENT after enabling device class group attributes in the LinuxKPI.
1300056354460November 7, 201913.0-CURRENT after fixing a potential OOB read security issue in libc++.
1300057354694November 13, 201913.0-CURRENT after adding support for AT_EXECPATH to elf_aux_info(3).
1300058354820November 18, 201913.0-CURRENT after widening the vm_page aflags field to 16 bits.
1300059354835November 18, 201913.0-CURRENT after converting the in-tree sysent targets to use the new makesyscalls.lua.
1300060354922November 20, 201913.0-CURRENT after adding /etc/os-release as a symbolic link to /var/run/os-release.
1300061354977November 21, 201913.0-CURRENT after adding functions to bitstring(3) to find contiguous sequences of set or unset bits.
1300062355309December 2, 201913.0-CURRENT after adding TCP_STATS support.
1300063355537December 8, 201913.0-CURRENT after removal of VI_DOOMED (use VN_IS_DOOMED instead).
1300064355658December 9, 201913.0-CURRENT after correcting the C++ version check for declaring timespec_get(3).
1300065355643December 12, 201913.0-CURRENT after adding sigsetop extensions commonly found in musl libc and glibc.
1300066355679December 12, 201913.0-CURRENT after changing the internal interface between the NFS modules as part of the introduction of NFS 4.2.
1300067355732December 13, 201913.0-CURRENT after removing the deprecated callout_handle_init, timeout, and untimeout functions.
1300068355828December 16, 201913.0-CURRENT after doubling the value of ARG_MAX, for 64 bit platforms.
1300069356051December 24, 201913.0-CURRENT after the addition of busdma templates.
1300070356113December 27, 201913.0-CURRENT after eliminating the last MI difference in AT_* definitions (for powerpc).
1300071356135December 27, 201913.0-CURRENT after making USB statistics be per-device instead of per bus.
1300072356185December 29, 201913.0-CURRENT after removal of GEOM_SCHED class and gsched tool.
1300073356263January 2, 202013.0-CURRENT after removing arm/arm as a valid target.
1300074356337January 3, 202013.0-CURRENT after removing flags argument from VOP_UNLOCK.
1300075356409January 6, 202013.0-CURRENT after adding own counter for cancelled USB transfers.
1300076356511January 8, 202013.0-CURRENT after pushing vnop implementation into the fileop layer in posix_fallocate.
(not changed)357396February 2, 202013.0-CURRENT after removal of armv5 architecture code from the src tree.
1300077357455February 3, 202013.0-CURRENT after removal of sparc64 architecture code from the src tree.
1300078358020February 17, 202013.0-CURRENT after changing struct vnet and the VNET magic cookie.
1300079358164February 20, 202013.0-CURRENT after upgrading ncurses to 6.2.x
1300080358172February 20, 202013.0-CURRENT after adding realpathat syscall to VFS.
1300081358218February 21, 202013.0-CURRENT after after recent linuxkpi changes.
1300082358497March 1, 202013.0-CURRENT after removal of bktr(4).
1300083358834March 10, 202013.0-CURRENT after removal of amd(8), r358821.
1300084358851March 10, 202013.0-CURRENT after updating llvm, clang, compiler-rt, libc++, libunwind, lld, lldb and openmp to 10.0.0-rc3 c290cb61fdc.
1300085359261March 23, 202013.0-CURRENT after the import of the kyua test framework.
1300086359347March 26, 202013.0-CURRENT after switching powerpc and powerpcspe to the lld linker.
1300087359374March 27, 202013.0-CURRENT after refactoring the driver and consumer interfaces for in-kernel cryptography.
1300088359530April 1, 202013.0-CURRENT after removing support for procfs process debugging.
1300089359727April 8, 202013.0-CURRENT after cloning the RCU interface into a sleepable and a non-sleepable part in the LinuxKPI.
1300090359747April 9, 202013.0-CURRENT after removing the old NFS lock device driver that uses Giant.
1300091359839April 12, 202013.0-CURRENT after implementing a close_range(2) syscall.
1300092359920April 14, 202013.0-CURRENT after reworking unmapped mbufs in KTLS to carry ext_pgs in the mbuf itself.
1300093360418April 27, 202013.0-CURRENT after adding support for kernel TLS receive offload.
1300094360796May 7, 202013.0-CURRENT after linuxkpi changes.
1300095361275May 20, 202013.0-CURRENT after adding HyperV socket support for FreeBSD guests.
1300096361410May 23, 202013.0-CURRENT after updating llvm, clang, compiler-rt, libc++, libunwind, lld, lldb and openmp to 10.0.1 rc1 f79cd71e145.
1300097361724June 2, 202013.0-CURRENT after implementing __is_constexpr() function macro in the LinuxKPI.
1300098362159June 14, 202013.0-CURRENT after changing the export_args ex_flags field so that is 64bits.
1300099362453June 20, 202013.0-CURRENT after making liblzma use libmd implementation of SHA256.
1300100362640June 26, 202013.0-CURRENT after changing the internal API between the NFS kernel modules.
1300101363077July 10, 202013.0-CURRENT after implementing the array_size() function in the LinuxKPI.
1300102363562July 26, 202013.0-CURRENT after implementing lockless lookup in the VFS layer.
1300103363757August 1, 202013.0-CURRENT after making rights mandatory for NDINIT_ALL.
1300104363783August 2, 202013.0-CURRENT after vnode layout changes.
1300105363894August 5, 202013.0-CURRENT after vaccess() change.
1300106364092August 11, 202013.0-CURRENT after adding an argument to newnfs_connect() that indicates use TLS for the connection.
1300107364109August 11, 202013.0-CURRENT after change to clone the task struct fields related to RCU.
1300108364233August 14, 202013.0-CURRENT after adding a few wait_bit functions to the linuxkpi, which are needed for DRM from Linux v5.4.
1300109364274August 16, 202013.0-CURRENT after vget() argument removal and namei flags renumbering.
(not changed)364284August 16, 202013.0-CURRENT after updating llvm, clang, compiler-rt, libc++, libunwind, lld, lldb and openmp to release/11.x llvmorg-11.0.0-rc1-47-gff47911ddfc.
1300110364331August 18, 202013.0-CURRENT after deleting the unused use_ext argument to nfscl_reqstart().
1300111364476August 22, 202013.0-CURRENT after adding TLS support to the kernel RPC.
1300112364747August 25, 202013.0-CURRENT after merging OpenZFS support.
1300113364753August 25, 202013.0-CURRENT after adding atomic and bswap functions to libcompiler_rt.
1300114365459September 8, 202013.0-CURRENT after changing arm64 AT_HWCAP definitions for elf_aux_info(3).
1300115365705September 14, 202013.0-CURRENT after fixing crunchgen(1) application build with WARNS=6.
1300116366062September 22, 202013.0-CURRENT after the introduction of the powerpc64le ARCH.
1300117366070September 23, 202013.0-CURRENT after reimplementing purgevfs to iterate vnodes instead of the entire hash.
1300118366374October 2, 202013.0-CURRENT after adding backlight support and dmi_* functions to the linuxkpi.
1300119366432October 6, 202013.0-CURRENT after populating the acquire context field of a ww_mutex in the LinuxKPI.
1300120366666October 13, 202013.0-CURRENT after the fix to arm64 write-only mappings.
1300121366719October 15, 202013.0-CURRENT after the addition of VOP_EAGAIN.
1300122366782October 17, 202013.0-CURRENT after the addition of ptsname_r.
1300123366871October 20, 202013.0-CURRENT after VOP, VPTOCNP, and INACTIVE changes.
1300124367162October 30, 202013.0-CURRENT after adding cache_vop_mkdir and renaming cache_rename to cache_vop_rename.
1300125367347November 4, 202013.0-CURRENT after using a rms lock for teardown handling in zfs.
1300126367384November 5, 202013.0-CURRENT after rationalizing per-cpu zones.
1300127367432November 6, 202013.0-CURRENT after moving malloc_type_internal into malloc_type.
1300128367522November 9, 202013.0-CURRENT after LinuxKPI additions to implement ACPI bits required by drm-kmod in the base system.
1300129367627November 12, 202013.0-CURRENT after retiring malloc_last_fail.
1300130367777November 17, 202013.0-CURRENT after p_pd / pwddesc split from p_fd / filedesc.
1300131368417December 7, 202013.0-CURRENT after removal of crypto file descriptors.

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