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FreeBSD Java® Project

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Getting Java

There are two choices of Java Development Kits on FreeBSD:

  • OpenJDK

    The OpenJDK® project provides a native open-source implementation of the Java® SE Platform. It is available for all currently supported FreeBSD releases in the following combinations of versions (by architecture):

    aarch64: openjdk8, openjdk11, openjdk12, openjdk13

    amd64: openjdk7, openjdk8, openjdk11, openjdk12, openjdk13

    arm6: openjdk8

    arm7: openjdk8

    i386: openjdk7, openjdk8, openjdk11, openjdk12, openjdk13

    powerpc: openjdk8

    powerpc64: openjdk8, openjdk11, openjdk12, openjdk13

    OpenJDK® is frequently updated, and it is suggested to refer to revision logs for detailed release history. Additionally, one may choose to review more information at FreshPorts.

    To install OpenJDK® package use the pkg utility or the ports system:

    pkg install openjdk[version]


    cd /usr/ports/java/openjdk[version]
    make install clean

    where [version] is one of 7, 8, 11, 12, or 13. An example (openjdk11):

    pkg install openjdk11


    cd /usr/ports/java/openjdk11
    make install clean

  • Oracle JDK for Linux

    This port installs the Java Development Kit from Oracle which was built for Linux. It will run under FreeBSD using the Linux compatibility.

    pkg install linux-oracle-jdk18


    cd /usr/ports/java/linux-oracle-jdk18
    make install clean

    Note: Please note that due to the current licensing policy the Oracle JDK on FreeBSD binaries can not be distributed and you are only permitted to use them personally. For the same reason, the sources must be fetched manually.


I want to help by...

... fixing bugs or adding new features

The main repositories for the BSD port of OpenJDK are publically available on Github. Pull requests are welcome. You can find more information on this Wiki

... testing

The best thing you can do is download the latest release, install it, and try all your favorite Java applications. If they don't work, see below.

... reporting a bug

If you find an application that does not work, or crashes, here are the steps you should follow before reporting it:

  1. Try it again.
  2. Check your settings for this application. Check to see if you made a mistake in starting it up.
  3. Try it on a different platform. If you have access to a reference platform, try it there. (We need to determine if it is an application error, a Java bug, or a FreeBSD specific bug.)
  4. Narrow down the problem. If it is your own code, narrow down the bug to the offending code. Otherwise, determine the steps required to reproduce the problem.
  5. Notify the JDK porting team. Send email to Be sure to include the steps you have followed.
  6. Finally, and most importantly, be willing to work with the team to fix the problem.

...writing documentation

Everyone can help here. If you have a suggestion to add to the documentation, write it up and send it to