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FreeBSD Summer of Code 2005

The FreeBSD Project is proud to have taken part in the Google Summer of Code 2005. By all accounts, the FreeBSD participation in this program was an unqualified success. We received over 350 applications for student projects, amongst which 19 were selected for funding. These student projects included improved installation tools, filesystem enhancements, new utilities, and more. Many of the students have continued working on their FreeBSD projects even after the official close of the program. We are happy to see continued development in our source code repository by these talented young programmers and we look forward to working with more students in the future.

2005 Student Projects

Student:Anders Persson
Summary: FreeBSD userland/kernel interface cleanups
Mentor: Brooks Davis <>
Student: Andrew Turner
Summary: BSD Installer integration
Mentor:, Ruslan Ermilov <>, John Baldwin <>
Student: Brian Wilson
Summary: UFS Journalling
Mentor: Scott Long <>
Student: Chris Jones
Summary: Gvinum 'move', 'rename', etc..
Mentor: Lukas Ertl <>, Poul-Henning Kamp <>
Student: Christoph Mathys
Summary: Rewriting CVSup in C, the Csup project
Mentor: Maxime Henrion <>
Student: Csaba Henk
Summary: SSH based networking filesystem
Mentor: Scott Long <>
Student: Dario Freni
Summary: FreeSBIE integration
Mentor: Murray Stokely <> /
Student: Emiliano Mennucci
Summary: pluggable disk scheduler
Mentor: Luigi Rizzo <>
Student: Ivan Voras
Summary: GEOM Journaling Layer (gjournal),
Mentor: Poul-Henning Kamp <>, Paweł Jakub Dawidek <>
Student: Michael Bushkov
Summary: nsswitch / caching daemon
Mentor: Brooks Davis <>, Jacques Vidrine <>
Student: Paolo Pisati
Summary: libalias improvements
Mentor: Luigi Rizzo <>
Student: R. Tyler Ballance
Summary: Implement MacOS launchd(8) for FreeBSD
Mentor: Murray Stokely <>
Student: RuGang Xu
Summary: K kernel meta-language project
Mentor: George V. Neville-Neil <>, Poul-Henning Kamp <>
Student: Samy Al Bahra
Summary: Mandatory Access Control (MAC)
Mentor: Robert Watson <>
Student: Victor Cruceru
Summary: SNMP monitoring
Mentor: Hartmut Brandt <>
Student: Yanjun Wu
Summary: SEBSD
Mentor: Robert Watson <>
Student: Emily Boyd
Summary: Website improvements
Mentor: Murray Stokely <>
Student: Shteryana Shopova
Summary: bsnmp
Mentor: Philip Paeps <>

FreeBSD Summer of Code 2005 in the Press